Constipated Love (Harry Styles)

In every picture Harry Edward Styles has ever taken, he smiles like he hasn't pooped in 1000 years. This story is about the love Harry feels for his poop and how he doesn't want to let it out.


1. Doctor's Office

"Harry, Mr.Styles if I may. You really got to let those turds out."

Harry looked at his doctor like he had two heads. "You mean you want me to let out my little babies?!"

the doctor nodded. "Yes Harry, you come here complaining about constant stomach aches and the reason is because you never poop!"

Harry shook his head. "I am never letting out my precious turds. I could never bear the loss of loosing them." 

"If you don't poop, Harry, You're going to DIE! or even worse! I will have to give you an enema."

Harry bolted up and ran out of the doctors. 

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