Degrassi~What Do You Want From Me

This is a fanfic.About Degrassi.There is a new girl in town named Kimberley Chambers(no family of Munro).She plays,the lovely and wonderfull Harriët Ford in Degrassi.She loves the show and being and the show.


1. Kimberley Chambers~I Got The Part

'Mom,can I watch Degrassi?',I ask.'No,I'm to bizzy watch Degrassi in your own room,sweetheart',says my mom.'But Mom',I say.'No buts,just watch Degrassi in your own room,your brother will be home soon',says my mom.That's stupid.Always me,not my brother Lauwrens.But I love my mom and my brother.There awesome people.Tomorrow the results known from the auditions.I hope I got in.There was only one part.That part was for Harriet Ford.She is good friends with Campbell,Zig and Maya.She loves drama and wanna take it over from Becky.She has a little weakness for Zig.She's adopted she didn't know that,until..I just love the charcter.She's just like me,that what I love so much.My dad died when I was just little.I don't remember him.My mother always says that he was a great man.My brother says he hate us,I don't believe that.My brother is always negative.

'Kim,your brother is home',says my mother

'Why should I know?'

'Do you not like your brother?'

'I do,but he's always negative'

'That's your brother'

My brother and I are twins.But we don't look a like.I'm tall en have brown.He's kinda short and has blond hair,he looks a bit like Niall of One Direction.I don't no how my father looked.My mother has long brown hair,she always wear it in a ponytail.

'Kimberley,I'm home your twin brother'

'I know that al ready'

'Do you not want a hug from me?'

'No,I don't want a hug,go away'

'Fine,I go'

He's annoying.He works at the drive-in at McDonalds,he hates acting.I just love it.I hate jobs we're you just people served.My brother loves to serve other people.He is also fat.I'm at a normail weight.I think my weight is something like 72 kilos that's 11.3 stone.My height is 6'3".I'm pretty tail for my age.But that's way I don't wear high heels.I always wear sneakers or flip-flops.I eat good and I'm healthy for my height.My twinbrother so as I sayed.He's fat and short.He's 94 kilos,I don't know how much stones that is.His height is 5'2''.I'm the tallest of mt whole family.My father wasn't that tall en my mother isn't that tall.I think she has the same height as Munro Chambers.It's weird that I have the same surname.I wanna meet Munro Chambers,he's absolutely my celeb crush.Before Munro come in at Degrassi,was my celeb crush Sam Earle.I love them both.


My brother just came in my room.

'Can you not knock?'

'Nope,I can't'

'Your think you're funny,but you're not'

'Guys,what's wrong',says my mom.


My brother leaves my room and I watch a dvd of Degrassi Season 8


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