1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Avery Hatton really wasn't the luckiest person in London. Everything went wrong for her. But her main goal was to make this year different. To make this year, her year of love. Fate. Serendipity.

Then she met Zayn Malik. He'd sure make this year different for her.


4. New phone..

I can't believe myself. I lost breath easily. I'm such an idiot. I ran into the side of the alleyway, eating the food I stole. I took a bite out of the sandwich, which is weird for me. I hate food. 

The Indian man came cursing around the corner, he held the shotgun in his hand. "Give it back! You peasant!" the man shouted. I finished it as I stared him in the eyes. The guns light surprised me. But not as much as what happened next.




"HUUUH!" I breathed. I shot up from my bed. I sighed, as I held my hand against my boney chest. I looked around in my couch-bed. The brick walls inside were dull from no light. Everything was fine. I looked at the time. Shit. I was late for my new shift.

I stumbled out of my bed, and left the leggings I was wearing on. I quickly threw on a light brown jumper, and slipped on my leather boots, overlapping my knees. "Shit!" I cursed again. T'was 4:38. I was so late. 


I came dashing in. "There you are! We're busier than ever!" she shouted. "Alright mum, sorry!" I said sarcastically. She gave me a dirty look, but laughed it off. I began taking pastries out giving them to customers. Maybe, 40 customers later, in came Zayn. My stomach clenched. Oh god. Why is he doing that to me.

"You haven't texted me, did I do something wrong?" he asked. "No, uhm, I haven't got a phone." I smiled. "Oh," he said relieved. "Well, I'll take a calzone, croissant, another calzone.." he went on. I just stared at him as he decided on what to pick. he deep eyes sparkled, and his lips looked soft and plump.

        Oh, how I wish I could kiss him.

"Avery? Is there something on my face?" he asked, touching his cheeks. "No, no. Uh, I tend to stare at people." I said. "Oh." he smiled. "Your pupils are dilated. You know what that means?" he asked me. "No.." 

"Thanks to your light blue eyes, I can see your pupils. And they're dilated. When they are dilated, it means you're looking at someone you fancy. So here's the big question, do you fancy me?" he asked.

I stood there mesmerized. He had a cute look on his face, I just stood there with my mouth open. "I- uh.."

"Zayn, let's go!" a boy with a fringe haircut came in. "Sorry Louis, hold on." Zayn smiled. "Is this your new bird?" he asked eyeing me up and down. I didn't mind. He was quite sexy. "No, just a pal, look, I'll meet you in the van, now go!" he shouted. "Alright man, see ya cutie." he winked at me. 

"I guess that's your band member?" I questioned. "Is. So, that question?" he asked.

"Uh, here is your food, 19£ please.." I asked.

He smiled and nodded. "I take that as a yes then." he smiled and handed the money to me. I groaned. "Ugh. Fine, I fancy you. Just a bit!" I said. Obviously lying. "I fancy you, a bit as well." he smirked. 

"See you 'round, love."



I got my paycheck. 530£. I was so surprised, but Caroline told me after working a year and working hard, I earned it. It's quite enough to get a phone, so I thought I'd treat myself. I bought the iPhone 4S. I got so excited. I could finally text him. Dear god, I feel like a 17 year old again.

I really miss talking to my girlfriends. They we're the closest things to family I had since I was kicked out of my mum's flat. But things can't get better at the snap of a finger. As much as I wished, It'd probably never happen. I rode my bike home.

I ran upstairs, and set up the phone. 

            Hallelujah. I might have a social life again.



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