1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Avery Hatton really wasn't the luckiest person in London. Everything went wrong for her. But her main goal was to make this year different. To make this year, her year of love. Fate. Serendipity.

Then she met Zayn Malik. He'd sure make this year different for her.


3. Chapter 2- Avery, you're screwed.

I played with the food on my plate. I made a simple salad. I couldn't even finish it. I probably had about three bites, then I started fiddling with it. I sighed. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I just saw him yesterday, but honestly he was the most beautiful living human being I think I've ever seen.

I just wanted to know him.

I thought maybe Amelia is at the shop, probably not, but might as well take a chance. And, besides, I could earn myself some extra pounds.

I walked to the store, closing the tight coat around my body, as the snow falls, and the wind blows. I finally reached the brick structure, walking in.

"Caroline?" I called out. "Avery?" she said in disbelief. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be here in 5 more hours." she came walking out, flower all over her apron. "I came, to, for extra credit, I guess?" I said.

"This isn't school, but you can work the register." she said. "Thank you Caroline." I said.


The sky grew darker, we got a lot of customers today. Most of them were girls. Hmmn. I wonder why? *Note sarcasm.

The girl population decreased. More men came in. I waited until 9 o'clock. That's when he came in.

His leather jacket shining from the lights, in his white v-neck, his roserie, his blue jeans, and adidas. His hair was styled up like always. His eyes seemed different. They were, sparkling.

"Avery." he half smirked. "Zayn." I looked up at him. His eyes stayed on his hands. "You found out." he smiled, his eyes looked to mine. "I did. How's the band." I wagged my eyebrows.

"They're great." he said. "What do you want kiddo." I asked. After he asked for so and so, he placed the money on the counter, but with something else. A white paper. This was so cliche. After he left with the white bag, he turned around at me. Smirking. The most, perfect smirk I think I've seen.

I was excited to use his number. But one problem. I didn't have a phone.

Nor did I have the money to buy one.

Avery, you're screwed.

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