1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Avery Hatton really wasn't the luckiest person in London. Everything went wrong for her. But her main goal was to make this year different. To make this year, her year of love. Fate. Serendipity.

Then she met Zayn Malik. He'd sure make this year different for her.


2. Chapter 1- Someone New

I opened my mouth wide, yawning. I sat in a dark yellow light, on a stool. I was reading the Islands of the Dolphins. No one came in at this time, so what was the point of working this damned shift. I brushed my knotted hair, continuing to slack off. That is, until my manager came in. I threw the book onto the floor, swiftly standing up. She obviously saw it.

"Avery.. what'd I say about sitting on the job?" she asked, as she put her Gucci bag behind the cases of pastries. "No-one was coming in!" I defended myself. "Well, my daughter's coming, so hustle!" she order.

I flattened my blue, floral print, tank top, and my knitted cardigan. I waited for the blonde to come in, when she did, a very handsome man linked on her arm came in with her. I stood there my mouth a bit open. His dark eyes locked to mine.

"Hello Avery!" she smiled. "Hi, Amelia." I said. "This is my boyfriend!" she announced. I wasn't surprised. She came walking in with a new boy everyday. "Hello.." I lead on, signaling to give him my name. "Oh, I'm Vincent." he held his hand out. I shook it. It was warm, soft.

As Amelia pointed at what she wanted, I kept my gaze on Vincent. He had the most chisled jaw, a perfect amount of stubble, his hair was perfectly styled up into a quiff. But something told me his name wasn't Vincent. He looked all too familiar. "Aand, that one." she finally shut up. I bent over, reaching into the case, picking up the crepes, cannoli's, etc.

"Come on Vincent!" she said after she paid 20 pounds. "I'll meet you in the car." he said. "Alright, Bye mom!" she shouted, her squeaky voice bouncing of the walls.

He smiled. Looking to me. "My name's not Vincent." he said, his brown eyes sparkled. "What is it." I said. He just looked back to me. "You'll know eventually." he smiled. Then he left.

I looked at him walking into his girlfriend, kissing her. But then he looked back to me. He winked. I stood there, flabberghasted.

Then I opened my mouth. "What the fuck just happened." I said to myself.


The next day I rode my bike to the market. I needed to pick up some food. I locked my bike to a pipe, walking in with my 40 pounds. I looked at bread, and so on. Then, I saw a magazine. Mostly, it was ment for a teen girl. That's when I saw him. That's when I saw 'Vincent' on a magazine with 4 other boys. I ran over to it. I picked it up. Underneath the picture, was the words, 'One Direction new album scoop!" My mouth dropped open.

That's who he was. I opened it, instantly opening to a poster. I turned a page or two, on the picture it said, 'Zayn' and on it was a picture of 'Vincent.' Zayn.. Zayn, Malik?

I felt so played. What was he doing dating a bimbo like Amelia? I got really mad. I began to get jealous. I haven't been this jealous since highschool.


I'm jealous.

I fancy someone I knew for 9 minutes. Damn.

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