1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Avery Hatton really wasn't the luckiest person in London. Everything went wrong for her. But her main goal was to make this year different. To make this year, her year of love. Fate. Serendipity.

Then she met Zayn Malik. He'd sure make this year different for her.


1. Prologue

It's not really easy for me to trust someone I just met briefly. Or for that matter, anyone. I went through rough times as an teen. In fact, I never had a taste of what love was really like.

I never had any luck.. with anything.

I just want this year to be so different for me. A year, where I can trust anyone, where I can begin to trust my bestfriends again. When I get to go home to see my mum and sister. A year, where I can actually fall in love.


A year of luck.


I'm Avery Hatton. 19 going on 20. I live in Liverpool, England. I have a crappy apartment, a low-wage job. And no college history. I always wanted to go to college, but after something tragic happened with me and my mum, she cut off anything that had to do with education for me. Long story short, my mother hates the living shit out of me.

To go on to my apperance, I have long, curly brown hair, almost reaching my bum. I have blue eyes. Pink lips, anorexic skinny.. Speaking of anorexia, I have a hard time eating food. So, I am anorexic. I try to, but everytime I pick up a piece of food, I get disgusted with myself.

Anyways, I guess my style lies in Indie/Boho/Edgy. I like floral prints, earthy clothes, and biker boots.

I would say, before my life took a shit turn, I was bubbly, happy, and I loved food. I was funny, talented. But I lost everything. I mean everything. Even my virginity in the wrongest of ways. Which was the main thing that started everything that went wrong.

Well. I'm Avery Hatton. Sadly, I have to work. Smell ya later.


OH MY GOD. I LOVE THIS STORIES IDEA. I know it seems like it's a sob story, but it's more than that! It's going to be amazing, so PLEASE stick around and KEEP reading. :)))



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