Heaven's Got A Plan For You

Zayn Malik's twin sister Raniya has a crush on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. They have a lot to deal with a lot. Will they get their happy ever after?


7. Chapter 7


It was now November and the boys had released two singles and an album by now. The first single What Makes You Beautiful went straight to number one and Gotta Be You got number 3. I was proud of Louis and the boys but I never saw Louis that much. It was getting annoying because it was so hard being away from him. It was the first day I had seen Louis in almost 3 weeks. We were arguing. You would think that we would be making out and stuff but we were arguing. “I’M FED UP WITH THIS SHIT LOUIS! AND WHAT’S WITH THAT GIRL PEOPLE ARE SAYING YOU’RE WITH?” “I’M NOT WITH HER! IT’S JUST RUMOURS! I WOULD NEVER CHEAT!” “AS IF! I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE!” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?” “NOT PROPERLY BUT I JUST NEED A BREAK!” “Please don’t I love you.” “I just need time. Please leave.” He left and I cried, I know I was the one that told him to leave but I felt so stupid for doing it. If only I knew then what I had done.

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