Heaven's Got A Plan For You

Zayn Malik's twin sister Raniya has a crush on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. They have a lot to deal with a lot. Will they get their happy ever after?


30. Chapter 30 (last chapter)


Louis committed suicide that night because of all the hate our family had gotten. Yes we still got hate even after all those years and it was too much for Louis to stand. He was protecting the people he loved and he thought if he left it would stop but it didn’t.


I stopped thinking then because the rest was too painful. I was back to reality. I was sitting beside his tomb stone. I had been there all day reliving our memories. “I kept my promise Boo Bear. I am with you just like I said I would be. We had so many memories, good and bad. Harry still blames himself for what you did because he left you alone in that hotel room when you were still upset. I’ve tried telling him it’s not his fault and he acts like he’s moved on but he really hasn’t. The grandkids are good Lou and they are so much like our kids. I wish you got to see them grow up. It was hard for them without a dad but we got through it. I feel so lonely without you Louis. I know it was years ago when you left me but I will never stop loving you. Sometimes I wish I never went to meet you on that roof on New Year’s all those years ago but when I think about it if I hadn’t we wouldn’t have all these good memories and I wouldn’t have our children. I just thought you should know how everyone is.” The sun was starting to set in the sky now. I stood up slowly and started to walk away. I whispered quietly to myself as I left “If we could only turn back time.” I joined Louis 2 weeks later. I died with cancer. I had been diagnosed 3 months ago but couldn’t bear to tell Louis that day but when we were reunited it felt so good. I was finally back with my one true love. That's when I realised that heaven really did have a plan for me.

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