Heaven's Got A Plan For You

Zayn Malik's twin sister Raniya has a crush on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. They have a lot to deal with a lot. Will they get their happy ever after?


29. Chapter 29


It was now 15 years later. Louis and I got married 12 years ago and we had 2 beautiful children. Nicole and Aarayn. Nicole was 14 and Aarayan was 8. The boys were gone on a reunion tour. They were really successful in their career and wanted to give the fans one last show. I was sitting in our living room when my phone rang. Louis’ face came on the screen and I answered it. “Hi.” “Hi sweetie.” He sounded like he had been crying but at the time I thought it was just my imagination. “How’s the tour?” “Great. Can I talk to the kids for a minute?” “Sure hold on I’ll get them.” I shouted Nicole and Aarayn and they both talked to Louis for 5 or 10 minutes. Aarayan handed me back the phone. “I’ve got to go now Raniya but please don’t forget I love you and the kids so much. I’ll see you soon.” “I love you too baby.” He hung up and that’s the last thing he ever said to me.

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