Heaven's Got A Plan For You

Zayn Malik's twin sister Raniya has a crush on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. They have a lot to deal with a lot. Will they get their happy ever after?


20. Chapter 20


It had been weeks since I had kissed Louis and I was alone in the house again. James was away working. I felt so lonely. I grabbed a bag and packed some clothes. It was going to be a long drive but I didn’t care. I got in the car and started my drive to London. I left James a message telling him I was going to see my brother for a few days and might not be there when he came back. I had lied to him. I wasn’t going to see Zayn. I was going to see someone that I needed and even though when I think of it now I know it was a bad decision I couldn’t stop myself from going. Something was pulling me to him and it was like it was fate.

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