Heaven's Got A Plan For You

Zayn Malik's twin sister Raniya has a crush on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. They have a lot to deal with a lot. Will they get their happy ever after?


10. Chapter 10


It was New Year’s Eve and I had turned up at the party. I was wearing a red dress and black heels. I had a glass of wine and when it was 5 minutes to midnight I walked to the roof. I stood waiting. It felt like forever and Louis wasn’t there. Finally the door to the roof opened and he walked out. “You came?” he asked. “Yes. I’m sorry Louis. I never should have left you.” “Shh.” He walked towards me and grabbed me by the waist. “I forgive you.” I could hear the music from the party playing. It was Rihanna We Found Love. I always liked that song. He moved his face so close to mine that our noses and foreheads were touching. I could feel his breath on my lips. The fireworks went off from around the London eye and Louis kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. It felt so good and I know that’s how it felt for him too. He had given me the thing we’d both been missing the most. He pulled away after a few minutes and smiled at me. “I love you,” I said to him. “I love you too.” I stood beside him with my head laying on his chest watching the fireworks go off.

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