They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


2. The first day.

Summer profile;

Niall slowly fluttered his eyes open, i was staring at him, watching him sleep. he snored a little but i didnt care, i loved him so much.

'Morning princess' he said with a cute morning voice

'Morning hun' i replied, i gave him a quick kiss and got dressed, Niall got up and got dressed too. We strolled downstairs, Niall holding his hand on my back the whole time. Once we got downstairs we found Becca and Louis sitting there sharing breakfast.

'Thanks for saving us some' Niall said sarcastically

'Babe dont worry, we'll go out and get a coffee or something in a bit' i replied

'ok,' he ginned and kiss me.

'ahh, get a room you too' louis screamed, covering his eyes.

'oh Shut it Louis, you's we're the ones eating off eachothers spoons' i snapped back, everyone started laughing, i did too.

Me and Niall went and sat on the sofa, we watched Jeremy Kyle. Soon walked in Abby,

'Hey Abby, wheres Harry' i asked

'Oh, he said he wouldnt get out of bed because his legs dont work in the morning' she replied

'you get used to it' Niall said

'yeah well, he better get up soon, because he's coming shopping with me' abby said

'Harry...Shopping....Good luck' Niall chuckled, Me and Abby joined in.

Soon everyone was in the lounge, as we all shared a big house. We all loved being together, Zayn had gone out and bought everyone mcdonals breakfast, so we was all full of energy. i couldnt help but notice that Harry kept staring at me, I think Abby noticed because at one point she turned his face towards her and kiss him, she pulled away and she smiled, and smiled back, but it looked fake. Harry was my bestfriend, sometimes he comes across as a flirt, but he's just trying to be nice really. I really missed this, i looked around and everyone was smiling, Abby and Harry constantly kissing, zayn and Emily giggling to eachother, Liam and Aimee taking pictures with eachother, Louis and Becca snuggling in the corner, and me and Niall just cuddling and talking.

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