They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


3. The beach....

Niall's profile;

i couldnt believe i was back with all the boys and girls all together. i had missed this. and most of all i had missed my princess.

'i love you summer'

'i love you too Niall' i smile and passionatly kiss her, when he pull away everyone starts making kissy noices and we all burst into laughter. Today we all decided to go our seperate ways and do our own little thing with our girls, I was taking Summer to the beach. Because thats where we first met. I told Summer, and she went to pack her bags. When she came downstairs i was stunned, she looked beautiful, she was wearing denim shorts and a vest top, but you could see her bikini top underneath it, she had her hair down and glittery sandles on, it was only simple, but she still looked perfect, that was the girl i fell in love with. All the boys were staring at her, i just pulled her away

'ready to go love' i asked

'yepp' she replied

we got in my car, and drove to the beach, giggling and just talking.

Once we got there we both got out the car, she tripped a bit and laughed it off. we walked hand in hand down the path, eventually we found a quite spot on the sand, we tried our best to avoid the press, but sometime we struggled as they seemed to know everything and be everywhere, a few young fans came and asked for an autograph and picture, we agreed and signed and took a picture, Summer layed her towel down and layed on it.

'What are you doing' i asked

'Im going to get a tan, problem' she winked and giggled

'Yeah actually, i have', i picked her up and threw her over my sholder, she was screaming at me and telling me to put her down, we were both giggling and laughing.

'Niall put me down' she laughed

' Never' i replied 'you dont go to the beach to sunbathe, you come to go in the sea'

'But nia-' i cut her off by throwing her in the water. she screamed, she looked at me, her hair soaking wet, luckily she was only in her bikini, her mascara running down her face.

'look what you've done now, i look like a sea monster' she giggled

'well your the most beautiful sea monster i ever saw' i giggle back. we started splashing around, we stayed there almost all day, but we had to get back because Harry was making dinner tonight.

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