They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


13. Summers ex boyfriend comes back

Niall's profile;

I'd just come back from a day out shopping with everyone, Summer was feeling a bit down as her nan had died yesterday so she didnt want to come, we decided that leaving her to have some peace would probably be the best thing to do. Just whilst we was in the car i got a text *Summer:*'i'm just popping to the shop babe, need to get some bread xx' i replied 'ok xx' and put my phone back into my pocket. We got home within 10 minutes and Summer still wasnt back, which was odd because the shop is only 2 minutes away, i saw that she walked because her car was still out front.

'guys you go in, im going to go see if i can find Summer' i shouted from outside.

'ok' everyone replied in unison.

i was strolling along when i got to the ally way that you have to cut through, i could see 2 small figures, then i heard a voice.

'Get off me' the voice sounded very familiar

'no, your mine'

'no im not. i dont like you, i never have and i never will'

'say that again'

'why i just said it and you heard me.'

'dont be sarcastic with me'

'your not my mum'

'shut up, your coming with me'

I quickly ran up to the girl to see if she was alright, but the closer i got the more i recognised the face, then i figured it out. It was Summer.

'OI GET OFF HER!' i shouted at the top of my voice. The boy stopped in his tracks and grinned.

'Niall?' a gentle voice sounded, i knew it was Summer

'Babe, im here its fine' i respnded

'Haha, aww your so happy together, im just going to take her home now' The boy chuckled

'No, no your not, shes coming homee'

'no, no shes not she coming with me' he said mocking the way i said my last sentence. i could hear Summer wimpering on his shoulder.

'PUT HER DOWN' I shouted

'ok' and he dropped her straight on the floor she laded on her face and he kicked her and ran away, she sat up slowly and leaned against the wall with her knees up and her head down, i went and sat next to her.

'Summer are you ok?' i asked as gently as i could, she didnt answer,

'Summer, look at me' i said also gently , she didnt look, so i lifted up her chin and she looked at me with sad eyes and pain throught her whole body. She had a black eye and a cut lip and cut and blood all over her face. i picked her up bridal style and she put her hands round my kneck i walked her home and sat her on the end of the bath, so i could start cleaning her up. i knew she'd talk in her own tine so i didnt say anything.

'Niall, that was my ex' She whispered.

'Summer, dont worry, he will never hurt you again, im here now and you have the other 3 boys and Harry' she laughed.

I layed her in bed and she motioned for me to come lie next to her, i did.


'Yes princess?'

'I never even got that bread' i laughed and kissed her on the forhead.

'No one will ever hurt you babe'

'Well, Harry might because i didnt get the bread' we both laughed and eventually fell asleep.

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