They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


11. Summer drops out of school

Nialls profile;

I woke up to the sound of crying i looked around the room and i couldnt see anyone and Summer wasnt in bed. I quickly threw on some trakky bottoms and went downstairs. I saw Summer sitting at the dining room table surrounded by Maths, English, Science, Music and History books, she was sitting there with her head in her hands crying. i went and stood next to her and but my hand on her back, she jumped abit and turned around.

'i cant do it Niall' she sobbed

'cant do what babe' i said sympathetically

'my homework' She replied. i was shocked i'd never known anyone to cry about homework, i didnt know what to do. then she broke the silence

'i've dropped out of school' she whispered just loud enough for me to hear her.

'YOU DID WHAT?' I got angry Summer was 3 years younger, i dropped out of school and i regret it so much, i didnt want her to fall into the same trap.

'Niall, i'm sixteen, i've got a career and a home, i earn money. That is what school is for. There's no point in me going when i've already got what i went there for in the first place'

'But Summer, your still young, you can be whatever you want to be'

'I've already got what i want, and all ive ever wanted' she smiled at me and i smiled back.

'Aww how touching' Harry walked in grinning at himself, he'd obviously just heard all of it.

'Anyway Harry said he'd teach me a bit at home'

' Oh did he now' i said turning my head from Summer to Harry, Harry was now sitting on the sofa flipping through the channels.

'Dont worry Ni, I'll teach her all she needs to know' He turned and winked at her, i was going to say something but Summer got up off her chair and went over to him she pushed him over so he was on his side and she sat on him.

'You know Summer your really light' He said picking her up. She struggled her way back down and pushed him back over, but this time she sat on his head so he couldnt get her off of him.

'Say you wont talk like that again, Harry Styles' she giggled.

'Neverr' he replied. She wiggled her bum abit squwishing his face abit more.

'ok, ok, i wont say anything like that again' he mumbled, he was struggling to talk as his cheek was squished onto the sofa.

'Good boy' she said and stood up and patted him on the head, she skipped out the room.

'You've done well there Ni' Harry said to me.

'i know' was all i could say

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