They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


9. Niall Proposes.

Niall's profile;


I woke up this morning, as happy as ever because i had the biggest suprise for Summer, she slowly opened her eyes, i kissed her and we did it, it was good. when we finally went downstairs everyone was smirking at us, everyone knew what the suprise was except for her, she looked at everyone confused, but she was still half asleep and went the the cupboard for the cereal, i put my finger over my lips to keep everyone quiet and everyone pretended to zip their lips. As she turned around, everyone smiled at her, could they make it anymore obvious? i chuckled at everyone.


She went and got dressed, all of us were going to Aimee's Aunts wedding. Summer came downstairs as she was the last one ready, she looked absolutley stunning. I loved her so much. I was in a Black suit and she was in a black just above the knee dress. we walked hand in hand to Harry's mini van, as we got to the wedding it was raining

'im not going out in that' Summer complained. all the boys looked at eachother we all winked at eachother the girls looked confused but started screaming when we picked them up bridal style from the mini van to the hall, we all had a laughing fit, once we calmed ourselves down we said hello to everyone, and took our seats. I held Summers hand the whole time, i couldnt wait for the suprise.


at the after party we had just finished eating when everyone started to dance, i asked Summer to dance and she nodded and agreed, she rested her arms on my shoulder and head on my shoulder too, i had my hands on her waist and my head on her head. Went Aimee's Aunt came along

'Congratualtions Linsay' i Said

'Yeah you look beautiful' Summer smiled. She hugged us both.

'You two are so cute, the next wedding will be your's' she chuckled to herself,Summer looked to the floor in embarrassment.

'oh yeah that reminds me' i say, winking at Liam to get everyone attention.

'Excuse me everyone, Niall has something to tell us all' He shouted, i laughed, and looked at Summer, she looked so confused. i pulled a box out of my pocket and got down on one knee.

'Summer, will you be my princess forever and marry me' everyone 'aweedd' Summer stood there with her mouth wide open. She noded and said 'yes' we both smiled i put the ring on her finger, i stood up and hugged and kissed her. everyone cheered. I've finally found my princess...

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