They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


7. Niall kisses Becca.

Summer's profie;

It was around 7:30, I'd been out with Aimee all day shopping, we went back in the house with bags and bags of shopping, it had been a successful shopping trip. i was in a good mood.

'Hello' Aimee yelled. but no one answered. 'Guess they're all out'. I nodded and told her i was going to go upstairs and sort out my new clothes i'd just bought, she nodded and said she was going to do the same, she followed me up the stairs, we was giggling away when i opened my door, me and Aimee dropped all our bags, my jaw dropped open, my eyes filled with tears, my good mood turn into a super bad one. Niall was kissing Becca.

'How could you?' i shouted as i turned away. I ran as fast as i could bawling my eyes out, i ran straight out the front door i sat on the curb outside the house by the road. My mascara was smudged my eyes were puffy and i was shaking.


Niall's profile;

i Couldnt believe it, i am so ashamed of myself, Aimee stood at the door, she could say anything. Eventually Aimee stormed in and grabbed Beccas arm, she shoved her out the room and threw her into her own room. Aimee then walked back into mine and Summer's room.

'Do you have any idea what you've done? She watched her dad do that to her mum and look where her mum and dad are now! How could you be so selfish and irresponsible. Niall, you need to go out there and talk to her before she gets anymore bad thoughts running through her head, she's going to leave you for sure if you dont atleast try to sort it out.' She picked her bags up and went to her room giving me an evil glare as she walked away. i knew she was right, i looked out the window and saw Summer sitting on the curb. I ran to the door then slowly walked towards her, i put my hand on my sholder, she pulled away, her jumper covered in mascara and make-up. i couldnt believe i had done this to her, i am a horrible person.

'Summer, i'm soo sorry you had to see that i-' she cut me off

'How long has it been going on for?' she asked

'That was the first time' i replied

'oh, and i'm supposed to believe that' she snapped back, glaring at me. i looked at her.

'just let me explain, i know what it looks like..But she was talking to me and she just leaned in, i was going to pull away as you walked in.' Just that second she stood up and stomped into the house, she went up the stair searching for Becca, she found her in her room


Summer's profile;

'You slut! How could you, you have Louis, Why do you always have to take away what makes me happy?' she stood there and looked at me. it was true she always took away what made me happy.

'Well' i stood there arms crossed staring at her, Niall was in the doorway.

'Because im jelous' she screamed

'DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN KISS MY BOYFRIEND' I screamed at her. At that moment Louis walked in.

'What's the matter?' he asked, he looked concered, i looked at his eyes,

'Nothing, i just needed to talk to Becca, but i dont need to anymore' i answered, i pushed past Niall, and out the door, i went and sat on the bed, Niall sat next to me.

'Summe-' i cut him off

'i dont care anymore Niall, just leave me alone' i went and sat downstairs on the sofa, When i got a text, it was Becca

'Thanks for not telling Louis. i'm really sorry, i needed someone to talk to, and he was the only one around, and i leaned in and kissed him, i'm so sorry, he was so nice and gentle to me, you are lucky to have him, the same as i am luck to have Louis, please dont let this get between us xxx' i put down my phone, she was trying to put things right, i was still annoyed with her, but i should atleast have the decency to talk to her, i know Niall can be gentle and you just fall for him, so i cant really balme her. i'm just ashamed of Niall. I text Becca back a smily face. I just couldnt be bothered, soon everyone came home, me, Aimee, Niall and Becca acted like nothing had happened, we was all sitting on the sofa, everyone cuddled up except from me and Niall, he tried to hold my hand but i pulled it away, I loved him, but i was so disapointed.

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