They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


12. Liam makes a move on Summer.

Summer's profile;

i woke up, and Niall wasnt there, but i could hear his laugh coming from downstairs, i looked at my alarm and it was 10;30, but it didnt matter what time we get out of bed because we're all on break. I shoved a pair of black leggins on, and a simple black top and one of Nialls hoodies, i put on a bit of foundation and mascara, fluffy socks, and brushed my hair through. i waddled downstairs, still half asleep and everyone was in the kitchen sitting at the table. Louis turned around and came running towards me, everyone turned around and looked at me Niall winked at me and i smiled, but louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, i could hear everyone laughing.

'Louis, put me down, i've just got up!' i giggled.

'Noooo, we have something for you' He replied. Then once we got outside the front of the house there was a van, i had a puzzled look on my face, Niall came up next to me and put his arm round my waist.

'Whats going on?' i asked.

'You'll see' he replied with a massive grin on his face.

'Are you not going to see whats inside?' Abby laughed. I walked over the the doors at the back of the van, i was scared and excited about what i was going to see, i opened it and nothing was there. i turned around confused again.

'We're going away Summer' Aimee said sadly

'Oh my gosh, really? where?' i asked jumping up and down.

'Cyprus, girly holiday, just us girls, but clever cloggs over here (points at Zayn) only booked us 4 tickets instead of five' aimee replied, everyone gave the eyes to Zayn.

'Hey, dont blame me, do u want this trip or not' He gave a pouty face, and Emily kissed him.

'Dont worry guys, you girls go, i'll stay here with the boys, if thats ok with them' i smiled and looked at all the boys they all nodded in responce.

'Babe, why dont you want to go?' Niall asked

'There's only 4 tickets, and plus if i was to go on holiday i'd want you to be there, otherwise it would just feel like going on a tour yet again, having to be away from you' He smiled and kissed me on the lips.


-------- 8pm------------------

All the girls had gone, and we was all sitting watching toy story 3.

'I'm going to go and get a drink anyone else want one?'

'I'm alright thanks hun' Niall winked and looked back at the telly

'No thanks Summerrbboooo' Harry,Louis and Zayn all chimed at the same time.

'I do, i'll come help' Liam responded, i nodded and walked out the door, i got 2 glasses out the cupboard, i turned around and BAM, Liams lips we're on mine.

'ur..umm..i'm sorry, i shouldnt of...' He said, Slightly grinning, i tried to keep my anger in but i was so shocked.

'Yeah you shouldnt of' I shouted back at him, i turned around and went to the tap, i dropped the glass, i knelt on the floor starting to pick all the pieces up, Liam got my arm and i pulled it off me, causing me to fall onto my hand, i got some glass stuck in my hand, and it started to bleed, 'owwwwwcchhh' i screamed. All the boys came running in, they all came running up to me, all except Niall he just stood there leaning on the door frame.

'Niall what you doing mate, come and help us.' Liam said, slightly angry.

'No' Niall replied

'Niall please' Summer pleaded you could hear the pain in her voice.

'OK, but i'm doing this for her not you.' He responded, at this point tears we're forming in my eyes, tears falling down my cheeks.

'Well obviously, who else would you do it for, my backside?' Louis yelled.

'Guys stop it' i pleaded.



We we're all sitting on the sofa, watching the end of toy story, most of the pain had gone away, but Niall we sitting next to me, but he was so distant. I didnt care that all the boys we're sitting there, i just blurted out what i wanted to say,

'What wrong with you?' i asked, He looked at me shocked, and so did everyone else.

'yeah mate you've been really aggy in the last hour, sort it out' Liam said, we all looked at Liam shocked. Niall stood up,

'SORT ME OUT, URM SORT YOURSELF OUT, I SAW IT!' Liam looked at me, Everyone saw Liam look at me, so everyone else looked at me. my head just dropped and i looked down in shame.

'i..i..i'm sorry..' i stuttered

'save it' he stomped off upstairs. I looked at Liam and stood up.

'Satisfied?' I Silently walked out, and up the stairs, i knew everyone was following me, i went straight to mine and Nialls room to see him sitting at the end of the bed.

'Niall' i said gently

'how could you?'he blurted out.

'Niall, im sorry, i've tried to be nice, but if you saw the whole thing, you would of seen he kissed me and then i told him he shouldnt of' i yelled at him. i would never be unfaithful to him.

'Summer, im sorry, i just got jelous' His voice sounded shy and fragile, i hugged him. just then Liam walked in.

'Hey, urmm, i just wanted to say i'm sorry to both of you, and to Aimee, i just miss her, and yeah urm sorry'

me and Niall laughed and pulled him into our hug, then all the other boys ran in going 'AWWWWW' and it turned into a massive group hug (again)

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