They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


5. Five way date.

Niall's profile;

I woke up early this morning, Summer was still sleeping, i love her so much. She slowly opened her eyes.

'Morning beautiful' i said

'Morning babe' she replied, her voice sounded so cute because she had just woken up. We both got up and got dressed, we walked downstairs hand in hand, everyone was already up.

'well well, look who decided to join us' Liam chuckled, everyone just stared at us.

'Well we would of been up earlier if my little sleeping beauty here didnt go to bed to late' we all stared at Liam, because he made everyone stay up really late watching toy story 1,2 and 3, all in a row last night. We all laughed at eachother.

'right, so who's gonna tell them?' Louis asked.

'Tell us what? Aimee asked.

'We're taking our girlys out today' Zayn said in a really girly voice, everyone laughed.


Once all the girls had all packed their bags and were ready to go, we all got into the limo, we didnt tell the girls where we were going, although Summer kept moaning on and on begging me to tell her, i told her to 'shut up' and she said 'no' so i kissed her, she then said 'ok' everyone laughed. Once the limo stopped we all stepped outside. The girls stood there gobsmacked, they all dropped their bags on the floor and stood there with their jaws wide open, all of us lads quickly picked up their bags and dragged them in, we had bought them to the best idian in london, we all sat down and ordered. We all had a good laugh, and Harry got a little bit drunk, you could tell Abby was getting embarrassed when Harry put his arm around her, so we decided to go back. Once we got back we put Harry into bed, we walked downstairs and heard the girls talking, we decided to listen in..

'He's so embarrassing' Abby complained, all the girls giggled, so did we, we werent loud enough for them to notice though.

'Summer, you and Niall are so happy together' Aimee claimed, all the boys nudged me.

'Thanks Aim's, so are you and Liam' We all nudged Liam, but Zayn nudged him a little to hard and we all went tumbling through the door landing on the floor, we all had a laughing fit, the girls all stood there with crossed arms, but when we went and kissed them, they just giggled it off.

'Well, i'm off to bed, hopefully Harry wont have a hang over tomorrow' we all laughed and said our goodnights, we all sat around the telly watching 'black swan', eventually everyone one by one went up to bed, then it was just me and Summer left, we kissed passionatly,

'i love you Summer' i said, smiling

'I love you more Niall' she replied smiling, we went up to bed and she fell asleep with her head on my cheast. I couldnt belive she was mine.

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