They dont know about us

Summer is a singer, who has been dating Niall Horan for 1 year. After a while things start to get awkward, will one of the boys get between them or a complete stranger?


4. Emily and Abby fall out.

Summer's profile;

Me and Niall was stepping out the car when we heard a lot of shouting, we rushed into the house, Niall went to put his key in the door but it was already open. When we walked in Niall covered his ears, the shouting was so loud, Niall gripped my hand just incase, we stepped into the living room, Emily and Abby were fully on attacking eachother, Zayn and Harry were trying to hold them back, but it really wasnt working, Abby had tears in her eyes, Emily was holding her's in. I stood in the middle of them, Niall tried to pull me back and grabbed my arm, but i grabbed it back. Emily scratched me, and i fell to the floor, it hurt but i was ok, they both stopped and helped me up. Abby went and sat of the sofa, she put her hands over her face and cried, Harry went and put his arm round her, but she shrugged him off and moved up a bit. He looked to the ground in embarrassment. Emily walked to the window, she just stood there staring out of it. Zayn went and put his arms around her waist but she moved away and sat at the tabel.

'I dont know what has happened, but you's really crossed the line' i said

'what were you arguing about?' Niall Asked. Neither of the girls answered, Harry and Zayn both looked at him. When Niall looked at Zayn he faced the floor. When he turned to Harry he faced the floor aswell.

'Right so we just walk into an almightly wrestling match, and no one is going to tell us what is was about?' i said, my voice starting to fill with anger. Niall put his arm round me, calming me down abit. Everyone turned and looked at us.

'Summer, i called him' Emily said.

'What? told who?' Niall said, I turned and fell down the wall, she had phoned him, how could she? I began to cry.

'i'm so sorry' Emily said

'Yeah, well, sorry isnt going to fix it.' Snapped Abby.

'FOR GOD SAKE WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHO SHE PHONED?' Niall shouted, i pulled my head of out my hands and looked at him, i'd never seen him so angry before, he looked at the floor in shame.

'My Brother....She called my brother' i said

'Whats wrong with that?' Niall asked

'I told them that when mum and dad died that he turned mental and abusive, i didnt want anything to do with him' i said, tears still falling down my face.

'why did you never tell me about this?' Niall asked

'He's an embarrassment why would i want you to know?' i put my head back in my hands.

'But Summer, your not in any danger, he's in a mental hospital' Emily said, i sad grin on her face, i lifted my head up again.

's-so why were you's two arguing, and trying to kill eachother?' i asked

'Because she shouldnt of phone him in the first place, what if he wasnt in a mental hospital, you could of been put in so much danger' Abby said

'look, i'm really sorry Summer' Emily said, she looked at the floor ashamed

'its ok, nothings going to happen to me now' i gave her a smile and she smiled back.

'Well are you two going to make up or what?' Zayn asked, Me Niall and Harry laughed, Emily and Abby hugged and said their sorry's. Just then Louis and Becca walked in followed by Aimee and Liam.

'What's happened? is everything ok?' Louis Asked. they all looked concerned.

'We're all fine' Harry replied, we all nodded to assure them everything is ok

'urmm, Harry, i cant smell my dinner cooking' Liam said, we all giggled and Aimee hit him on the arm playfully. Harry got up and started to make the dinner, we all just chatted and laughed about what had happened.

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