perfect Chemistry

not based on the film. but i hope you enjoy XD


4. Perfect Chemistry chapter 4 (Hope you enjoy!!)

Indiana's P.O.V

It's 15 minutes later, so it's about 3.12.
"Uhh Harry, what do you want me to wear?"
I blush feeling like an idiot, not knowing.
He chuckled a bit, "Whatever you want. It's nothing formal, so whatever you feel comfortable in."
"Okay. Thanks"
15 minutes later.
"Excuse me, I have to get off." I say to Harry politely. I really do like him, he's just so mean to people. He only talks to his little friends. I don't get it. He could get so far, if he actually wasn't mean. He stood up and into the aisle, letting me into the aisle. 
"Remember, half past five! See you there." He said to me, smiling. 
"I'll be there." I said, and walked down the steps, out the bus, then into my house. It's 3.34. I throw my bag by the door, and kick off my Supras. I go into the kitchen, grab a glass of water, and go up to my bedroom. I jump onto my bed, and get onto my laptop. I check my Twitter and Facebook. I stay on the computer for abour a half hour. I decide to lay out whatever I'm wearing tonight to Harry's, so I'm not rushing around later. I went over to my wardrobe, and looked through all the shirts and dresses hanging up.

I kept looking, found a jumper, then went to my dresser and pulled out some jeans. I went to the shoe part of my closet and grabbed shoes. I also grabbed a white jacket, and I always wear the necklace my mum gave me when I was seven. Haven't taken it off since the day she gave it to me. ( 

I grabbed a towel, and went into my bathroom and turned on the warm water for a shower. I turned on the speakers in my room, that turn on through the ceiling and play throughout my room and washroom. I got in the shower, did what I do in the shower, and got out. I'm glad my floors are heated otherwise I would be freezing. I danced around in my towel getting ready in my bedroom to the music. I look at the clock, and it's 4.26. I put my jeans on and a bra, then go into the washroom and take my hair out of the towel, and blow dry it. I then comb through it and then put my 'make up' on. I only wear a small amount of mascara and chap stick. I'm not a big fan of make up. Then, I went back and grabbed my jumper off my bed and put it on. I went back to the washroom, and brushed my hair again, I then curled my hair, because my hair is naturally pin straight, and I always wear it straight to school, so I wanted to change it up. 

By the time I was done with my hair and everything, it was 5.15. I slip my boots on, and then brush my teeth. I grab my mobile off the table, and then put on my jacket. I went downstairs, told my mum I was going to be back later, and that I'd text her. She told me to keep a look out for 'Lost Cat' signs because she had found one wandering around the backyard earlier today when she got home from work. Okay. I said, then I grabbed my bag, and went outside. I started walking down the snow covered pavement. I walked down two houses, then I was at Harry's front door. I walked up the walkway to the front door, and my finger hesitated to push the button that would tell him I was here. Something felt wrong. Like something was missing. I stood at the door for a minute until I heard a scream coming from down the road, the opposite direction of my house.

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