perfect Chemistry

not based on the film. but i hope you enjoy XD


3. Perfect Chemistry chapter 3 (Hope you enjoy!!)

Harry's P.O.V.

I was silent for a moment... "Can I sit here?"
"Um why?" Great. She hates me. Stop being an idiot Harry. Make something up. Hurry!
"There's no where else to sit." Oh my god. Really? The whole bus was practically empty. She got up and turned her head, looking round the bus. "Umm every seat but two are empty. Why can't you sit there?" Yupp. She hates me. I need to sit here. This is my only chance. "I want to sit here." Great. Just great. Now she knows I fancy her, and she hates me. I would hate me too. "Why are you being so nice?" Wait. What? 
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you ignore me in every class, and you and your stupid 'friends' are rude to me and to everyone." 
"I don't know why I hang out with them." I honestly do know why. Everyone else hates me. Including Indiana. My head dropped, looking at my shoes. 
"Can I sit here?"
"Are you gonna take no for an answer?" Yes! This is my chance!
"Well then, welcome." This is perfect. 
I sat next to her, and she put her ear bud back in, and looked out the window again. The bus is leaving in five minutes. A few minutes later, the bus finally is on the way home. We pull out of the bus lot, and I need to ask Indiana. I need to know. I tapped her on the shoulder again. She took out her ear bud and turned her head in my direction. 
"Yes, Harry?" She sighed. I know she'll say no.
"You know the Chemistry test tomorrow?"
"Yes, Harry."
"You want to do some revising with me tonight? I mean only if you want to." I know she won't want to. 
"Why don't you call one of your mates up and revise with them..." Well that just about killed me. Can I just lay in front of the bus, so it'll hit me? She put her music back in her ear, and I just stopped. My shoulders dropped and I sighed. I should probably sit somewhere else, but she's just. Perfect. She looked down, and played with her hands, and I just stared at her. I went back to the very first day we met. I was horrible. I am regretting everything I've ever done to anyone right now this moment. She looked up at me, and I didn't want her to know I was looking so I simply turned my head towards the aisle. This is the worst feeling ever. Regret, sorrow, guilt, and depression. All in one. 

"What time?" I heard her quietly speak. What???
I looked back over at her, my eyebrows in a frown, confused. 
"What time do you want to revise?"
"So you've changed your mind then?"
"Yeah.... So, what time?" Oh god. Umm I should've planned this better.
"Oh, um half past five? You can stay for supper if you'd like"
"Sure, uh thanks"

She just said yes. She. Said. Yes. This is the best day ever. Right when I get home, I need to make everything perfect. She was on her phone for a few minutes, and once she just looked up at me with guilt. I thought it'd have been the other way around.

"Harry.?" She asked, seeming nervous.
"Yeah?" I looked over and smiled. I can't contain my smile I haven't shown in it forever anyways so it's a good time to.
"I just wanted to m-" She then paused and swallowed. "I um just wanted to say I'm looking forward to tonight." 
"Me too!" I am very excited I hope she is too. I don't want her to lie to me. This night has to go perfect.

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