perfect Chemistry

not based on the film. but i hope you enjoy XD


2. Perfect Chemistry chapter 2 (Hope you enjoy!!)

Indiana's P.O.V.

"Yeah?" I shakily spoke. 
"Can I sit here?"
"Um why?"
"There's no where else to sit."
I got up and looked around the bus. 
"Umm every seat but two are empty. Why can't you sit there?"
"I want to sit here."
"Why are you being so nice?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you ignore me in every class, and you and your stupid 'friends' are rude to me and to everyone."
"I don't know why I hang out with them..... Can I sit here?"
"Are you gonna take no for an answer?"
"Well then, welcome."
He sat next to me and he smelled really good. I put my ear bud back in and looked out the window again. It's 2.40 and the bus leaves in five minutes. A few minutes pass, and the bus starts moving. Finally. We get on the road, and pull out of the bus lot. I felt a subtle tap on my shoulder, yet again. I take out my right ear bud again, and turn my head towards him. 
"Yes, Harry?" I sigh.
"You know the Chemistry test tomorrow?"
"Yes, Harry."
"You want to do some revising with me tonight? I mean only if you want to."
"Why don't you call one of your mates up and revise with them..." I say, wishing I hadn't. One, that was mean, and two, Harry was cute. I'm glad I got to sit next to him now. Alone time with him would be great, but I would be scared of his aggressive side. I put my ear bud back in my ear and watched Harry's shoulders drop and it seemed like he sighed. I looked down and played with my hands. I feel like I was rude when I answered him. I looked back up, and he was looking at me with guilt and sorrow in his eyes. Right when he saw me, he turned his head towards the aisle. I took out my ear bud yet again, and opened my mouth, but no words came out. I took a deep breath in, "What time?"
He looked back over at me, his eyebrows in a frown, confused. 
"What time do you want to revise?"
"So you've changed your mind then?"
"Yeah.... So, what time?"
"Oh, um half past five? You can stay for supper if you'd like"
"Sure, uh thanks"
I got my mobile out, and texted my best friend, Sarah Clarke. We've been best friends since Year 1 because our parents were good friends. We only started going to school together bout three years ago when I moved here. 
Text to Sarah: 'Hey hunn you coming back to school tomorrow? I missed youuu I hate being sickkkk ♥'
Text from Sarah: 'Yes I hate it tooo, but of course I have to be back for the Chemistry exam. Want to revise tonight?'
I didn't respond for a few minutes, nervous. Harry and his mates were always so mean to me and Sarah. More me, but Sarah is emotional when it comes to those five. 
Text to Sarah: 'Noo, I think you should rest tonight babe. We have a free period tomorrow after lunch, so we can do it then. We do have 
Chem at the end of the day. Get bettter tonighttt .Xx'
Text from Sarah: 'You're righht thankss see you tomorrow morning!! ♥'
I didn't respond. I didn't need to. I felt terrible lying to her, but well I actually didn't lie. I do want her to get better. I just know she would flip if "I brought up that I was revising with Harry, instead of her. I feel terrible. Maybe I should cancel with Harry, tell him I'm sick.
"Harry.?" I nervously ask.
"Yeah?" He looked over and smiled revealing his amazing dimples.
"I just wanted to m-" I can't do it I feel so mean. "I um just wanted to say I'm looking forward to tonight." 
"Me too!" He says, still smiling. I look back out the window, and look at my mobile. It's 2.57 and I usually get home around 3.25. This time is just flying*Sarcasm*.

Harry's P.O.V. (Earlier)

My favourite class of the day. Chemistry. I mean I hate it, and Ms. McPoppins. What a stupid name. I like it only because I sit next to Indiana. I mean I have other classes with her, but I get to sit next to her in here, and when we do labs, she's my lab partner! It's 2.28 and only two minutes, and we get to leave. Indiana is tapping her pencil on the edge of the table we share. She keeps looking at the clock, fortunately not seeing me looking at her. I've like her for over three years, but I just can't tell her. I've been a jerk to her forever. I met my 'mates' bout 4 years ago. They started being mean to people, and I just went along with it. I hated doing that to people. The next year, Indiana moved to our school, and the boys started picking on her because she was new. I could tell she didn't like it and probably didn't like me either. That day, the day she moved here, I saw her approach Sarah. My ex. We dated for a year, then the boys came into my life and she started drifting away. Indiana went to Sarah and started talking, looking at us out of the corner of her eye, and then Sarah wrapped her arm around Indiana and rubbed her shoulder. They started walking towards the washrooms when Sarah looked back at me with a disappointed look in her face, and she just shook her head, and then turned away. We haven't had a real conversation since. The day I laid eyes on her, I knew something was going to happen. Something clicked that day that what we were doing was wrong, but I did nothing to stop them. I had no one else to go to. Everyone hated me. I realised that then, but there was no where to turn. Every day, I woke up with guilt. More and more guilt. Each day having to look at Indiana and watch her flinch when we walked by her. It hurt. It hurt me to see her like that, and we haven't spoken a word outside of the classroom. Until today that is. I'm going to- Finally, the bell!! "Remember! Read chapter 32 tonight for homework! The exam is tomorrow!" Ms. McPoppins yelled. She is so annoying. I am supposed to meet Mark, Joey, and Sam today after school, but I have to go home. On the bus. I have a brilliant idea. They don't need me for their stupid plans. I pack away everything I need in my backpack including my Chemistry book. I am horrible at Chemistry. Not Indiana though, she is at the top of the class. That's my plan. To revise with her. I'll approach her on the bus today, since she only lives two houses away from mine. It's 2.35, and I walk out of the doors into the freezing winter weather. I get onto the bus, and approach Indiana. I reach my hand out to her shoulder, but pull it away. What if she says no? I'll be crushed. No I can't do it. She looks so pretty. Even from the back. She's gazing out the window, listening to Jason Derulo. I can hear it. Wow she listens to music loud. I reach my arm out nervously, and shaking, and tap her on the shoulder. She turned her head away from the window, her eyes connecting with mine. She pulled out her right ear bud and shakily spoke, "Yeah?" Her gorgeous voice said.

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