Lightweight [Harry Styles]

Glancing at my girlfriend's lifeless body before me, I pursed my lips. I refused to accept the fact that she was gone. She was a big part of my life, the one who checked herself out in mirrors with Zayn, watched Toy Story back to back with Liam, handled Niall's obsession with Nandos, and the one who chewed on carrots continuously with Louis, and not get annoyed. She was the one who I cuddled with at night, who I would kiss, who I could always cry on. She was really gone. But I'm sure Keagan would want me to move on. And that's exactly what I'll do.


1. Prologue.

  "Is she okay?" I asked to the doctor, who stood beside me quietly. He sighed, running a bony hand through his deshiveled grey hair, holding the clip board in the other. 


  "I'm sorry son," he shot me a sympathetic smile, "We tried our best." My face paled at his words. No, no, Keagan was still alive, she's just not responding, but she's still alive. I shook my head, turning to him in disbelief. 


  "Your lying," my voice cracked, "Your lying to me, what sort of sick bastard does that?" 


  He pursed his lips into a thin line, laying a hand on my shoulder softly, "I know how it feels like, son," he said, "the feeling of loosing someone you love. I lost my wife too. Its heartbreaking, but reality ruins everyone." With that, he turned on his heel, walking away. 


  I placed a shaky hand on the cold door knob, turning it and glancing hesitantly inside the white room. The walls were slightly yellow, a plain design. The room was dead silent, the only thing that was heard was the soft mummers coming from outside Keagan's room. The heart monitor was set off, obviously they discharged her. My girlfriend was laying on the bed, her hands by her sides, her face pale, and her lips as blue as ice. 


  "Your not gone," I choked out, taking her cold hand in mine, "Your not gone." 


  Pursing my lips tightly as I looked up, seeing her beautiful, lifeless face. I placed my lips over hers for the last time, knowing she wouldn't kiss back. The boys would be devestated to hear this news. Keagan was a huge part of our lives, she was the one who would check herself out in the mirror with Zayn, watching Toy Story back-to-back with Liam, deal with Niall's obsession with Nandos, and munch on carrots continously with Louis without being annoyed. She was the one I would cuddle to at night, the one I would kiss before going into a deep slumber, the one that I could always count on, she was the one shoulder I could always cry on. 


  I knew Keagan would want me to be happy, that she'd want me to move on. So that's what I'm going to do.

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