Lightweight [Harry Styles]

Glancing at my girlfriend's lifeless body before me, I pursed my lips. I refused to accept the fact that she was gone. She was a big part of my life, the one who checked herself out in mirrors with Zayn, watched Toy Story back to back with Liam, handled Niall's obsession with Nandos, and the one who chewed on carrots continuously with Louis, and not get annoyed. She was the one who I cuddled with at night, who I would kiss, who I could always cry on. She was really gone. But I'm sure Keagan would want me to move on. And that's exactly what I'll do.


2. I.

    I played with the metal dog tags on my neck, humming softly to 'Titanium'. It was a song me and Keagan would always sing to, and would dance to. I squeezed my eyes shut at the thought of her. She's gone, Harry. Get over her. The fans were sad, about her loss. Keagan was the sweetest girl they'd ever met, and I was proud. 


   I knew she didn't use me for fame. Because she never asked me to buy her things, she went to WalMart in a leopard onesie once, she hated make up, she didn't care about the rumors the paparazzi made up about me, cause all she would do was wrap an arm around my waist, pulling me closer, and whisper, "I don't care what they say. They don't know about us." 


   I missed her, like crazy. So does the boys. They've been in horrible state. Niall, not really eating. Liam couldn't ever go inside her room with crying. Louis wasn't loud, and Zayn was quieter then usual, which is pretty usual. Me? I barely speak. Only on interviews though. 


   A soft voice interrupted me from my thoughts, "A penny for your thoughts, stranger?" My head shot up, seeing a tall brunette standing over me. She was pretty, honey golden eyes, much like Zayn's, tan skin, and curves that fit her 5'7 height perfectly. Pursing my lips, I nodded stiffly. 


   "I heard about your girlfriend," she continued, my heart breaking at the mention of her death, "I know how it feels like. I lost my best friend in a car crash too." 


   "How is this helping?" I asked--a little bit too roughly, causing her to flinch. 


   "Its called closure, Harry," her lips formed into a thin line, "You should try it sometime." She stood up, brushing herself off, before turning to walk away. 


   "Wait," I called, not taking control of what I was doing, as her head snapped back to me, "What's your name?" 


   She smiled at me, "Reagan, but please, call me Rae." with that, she turned around, and walked away. 

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