Nothing Like Us.

I had enough. I guess this is the end. After my mom's death, i feel like i don't belong to this world. Well, my ex boyfriend Nick said so... I was ready to jump. I was counting mentally. "three, two, one..."

*Nock Nock*

What the hell now?! I opened the door. A guy.

"Hello. My name is Zayn. Are you Lilly?"

And my life has changed... forever.


1. Every End Is A New Start

"Dear dad,

First i wanna tell you that i love you. You are the only person i trust in this life. Should i say "you were"...  While you are reading this, i will be out of town. There is no place for me here daddy. Everyone hates me. Your love is not enough. I'm moving on dad, as you said. Don't look for me or call the cops. I want this dad. I need this. I hope you can understand me. I love you...



I knew this letter will destroy him. But i didn't have a chance. I have to do this. After my mom died, my life ruined. I have no money, no friends, no love... I've been bullied for years. I used to stay strong. My mom was helping me. Now she's gone too. I have nothing. That's why i'm leaving. 


I got my suitcase and started to walk. I was crying. I didn't know why. Maybe i'm gonna miss dad. But...


Whatever..  "TAXY!" 


"To airport please... "   


Silence.. I guess i have to get used to this. As i'm all alone.  "We're here. It's 15 bucks." I gave him the money and got my suitcase. Here i am. On my own. This is it.

Got my ticket... to England. And yeah, 6 bucks left. I think i mentioned that we have no money. My dad is an alcoholic. And he's not working. I hope he'll be okay. 


I was waiting for my flight. I started to think. Why Endland? Hmm, i always wanted to be there. I'll find a hotel there. A nice, tall one. Then everything will end. With a jump. 


The time has come. I was walking through the biggest thing i've ever seen in my life. Yes, this is my first flight. And i'm a bit scared. My hands are shaking. I was looking for my seat, i saw a guy behind the glass. He was talking to phone. 

He has the most beautfiul eyes. And his hair was extremely shaped. Wow. He giggled. Maybe he's talking to his girlfriend. Who knows?


I found my seat. 26A. Great! It's right next to window. I can watch clouds. For the last time. I put my headphones on. And closed my eyes.


A  couple minutes someone poked me. I was so pissed. Who would poke someone like that!? I looked up. It was him!

The guy on the phone. He was smiling at me. "I'm sorry if i'm bothering you. But this is my seat." I was suprised. "No, this is my seat." I showed him my ticket. "It says 26B beautiful" He winked. What the hell? I'm not here to flirt or anything.. But i must say, he is cute. "I'm sorry i must have read wrong." "You can sit my seat, and i can sit yours. No problem" He sit next to me. "I thought you're gonna sit my place??" "This is your seat beautiful. 26B. "  He was smiling. I smiled back this time. 


-What's your name?

-Lilly. And yours?


-Wow, nice name

-Thank you. I'm muslim. So umm, if you don't wanna talk to me it's okay.

-Why wouldn't i talk to you?

-Because i'm muslim...

-So what?

-I don't know. People judge a lot. They think i'm a terrorist.


-I like you Lilly. 

He smiled again. His smile was so deep. I guess he is just like me. Bullied and alone. 

We talk till we get to London. He hugged me before i'm leaving. "I hope i can see you again." He gave a paper to me and gone away. I looked at paper. Phone number. Too bad i won't ever see him. Anybody. 


I found this hotel, a big one. I have no money, but no one needs to know this right? I put my suitcase to floor. Looked at my room. WOW! Amazing. That's what i call a hotel. It's even bigger than our living room. I went to balcony. Looked down. I was scared. Of death. Opened my suitcase. And get my mom's picture. I was crying. This is the end. I put it down. And went to balcony again. I was ready.Ready to see my mom again. 


I was counting mentally, ready to jump. "three, two, one...." 




"Who's it!?" 





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