Harry's Little Girl

Samantha & Harry have been dating since high school they are now 23. Harry doesn't know he has a 4 years old girl named Sydney. She was born we he left for tour.Will Sydney and Harry get along well? What will the guys say? Will he leave Samantha & Sydney? What will paparazzi say? What will Sydney say? What will fans say exactly?


6. The Secret

 Eleanor's P.O.V

I  have a secret i know i cant hide from Louis.But one person I can tell is Sydney i now you think im crazy.Like she is gonna tell a 4 year old girl. Sydney she is so quite and she would keep my secret safe! I hope Lou will be a great father.I walked into Sydney's room she was alone and i sat next to her."Sydney i have a secret can you keep it?" I  whispered . She said  "of course". I told her I'm having a baby.Sydney cried and gave me a hug OMG Really.she yelled whispering.I nodded my head yes.Sydney had put her hand on my stomach.She laughed and laughed then the boys came in.Everyone was staring at Sydney.When she ran up Harry and said"What!?". Louis said he was looking for me and he felt my stomach.Your pregnant El why didn't you tell me but you told Syd? I told him i didn't now how he would react  to it. He hugged me i felt so loved.Then he kissed me passionately and i felt eyes on me.Everyone was staring  us when Sydney came up and pulled us away and said hey baby in the room and pointed to my stomach.Everyone laughed me too. Sydney jumped on Lou "get ready to have your baby" 

Sorry this is horrible but i had 2 go bye sorry 4 crappy chapter- Amaya 

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