Harry's Little Girl

Samantha & Harry have been dating since high school they are now 23. Harry doesn't know he has a 4 years old girl named Sydney. She was born we he left for tour.Will Sydney and Harry get along well? What will the guys say? Will he leave Samantha & Sydney? What will paparazzi say? What will Sydney say? What will fans say exactly?


5. The Beach

Sydney's P.O.V 

We are going to the beach this afternoon.Now we are just watching a movie till the afternoon. Nialler looks so sad I sat next to him.He really missed this Jessica chick.

"Nialler are you ok? and dont lie" I said. He said"I'm fine I just thought she was the one but then when she threatened to kill you i would never forgive myself if u died".I just hugged Nialler "I love you Niall you really care" i said.I feel asleep next to him.I woke up with him and it was only 2:45 p.m. We missed beach time and everyone went to sleep.

Niall's P.O.V

I'm going to take Sydney to the beach since we missed beach Time when we fell asleep.I changed into my red swimming trunks.I helped Sydney change into her 1 piece bathing suit.I grabbed her pink sun hat and put it on her.We were out the door.I put her in he back seat and strapped her in.Then I started  drive off.When we got to the beach Sydney ran to he water as quick as possible.I ran after her.I kept her next to me at all times and she told me she was hungry.We went to the food stand.When someone texted me.


Message:Where are you!!?? Where is Sydney??!?!! You were with her last!!!! Samantha is very worried!!!!Get here now NIALL!!!

Sent 3:55 p.m


I'm with her calm down.We are at the beach.We are just eating lunch.

Sent 4:00 p.m

Darcy is so cute but I just can't stop thinking why Jess would say that to innocent little Sydney.Ugh. Stop Niall don't think about Jess! Anyway Harry is probably angry i didnt tell him i went  the beach with Sydney.Well lets go then.


Message:we are on are way Hazza!:)

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