Harry's Little Girl

Samantha & Harry have been dating since high school they are now 23. Harry doesn't know he has a 4 years old girl named Sydney. She was born we he left for tour.Will Sydney and Harry get along well? What will the guys say? Will he leave Samantha & Sydney? What will paparazzi say? What will Sydney say? What will fans say exactly?


3. Sydney Wonderz

Samantha's POV

I woke up with a major headache! I walked into Sydney's  room with my hand on my head saying "good morning". 

"Oh hi mommy".She came up an gave me a big hug"wow you got a grip Sydney". I picked her up while she was giggling she is so silly.She gave me a kiss and one more giant hug and jumped down.Then she said"mommy where is my daddy?" I stood there shocked what could i tell her!?!??! Her father doesn't know she exists!!!!!!!! "Well honey you will see him today"

I knew Harry was coming to see me since it was summer so i have to tell him about Sydney then. "yay! mommy" she said so excited.I hope the boys will help support. Well of of course they will! I need to text harry.


Hey honey,come to the mansion I have a miracle for you a special miracle! =) There is someone i want you to meet.LOVE YOU STYLES! LOL

I knew harry had moved in 2 years ago but he was at Liam's house with the boys for an hour.


Coming love.Wait who? who? what miracle sorry im excited be there in a few minutes.



I answered the door it was Harry.I gave him a kiss and called Sydney down.Her hair was in a pink bow just like yesterday with a white dress and black flats on. "hi" she said quietly "I'm Sydney"Harry stood there for a minute then looked at me back at Darcy and hugged her and picked her up.He kissed me then Sydney when she asked "are you my daddy?".Harry replied "yes.yes i am your dad Sydney" I knew harry loved that name!

Sydney's POV

I'm watching Team Umizoomi on nick Jr. I love it and i'm sitting on my daddy's lap.He is so fun he has green eyes and curly hair and can sing wonderful! *knock* *knock* Mommy answered the door because it was a knock. Haha.Woah! There is 4 boys coming in the house.They all stared at me i was getting nervous.Then i ran up to my room pass them and cried i dont think they like me! *cries* *cries*.I heard a knock at my door i answered it. Those 4 boys i was shaking!They said they were sorry for making me cry and staring at me.I asked them their names.The blonde boy said his was Niall. The one with a haircut said Liam. A boy with hazel eyes was Zayn.The funny one was Louis.

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