Harry's Little Girl

Samantha & Harry have been dating since high school they are now 23. Harry doesn't know he has a 4 years old girl named Sydney. She was born we he left for tour.Will Sydney and Harry get along well? What will the guys say? Will he leave Samantha & Sydney? What will paparazzi say? What will Sydney say? What will fans say exactly?


4. Playing & Horrible

Sydney's P.O.V

The boys are playing hide and go seek with me daddy is it and I'm in the huge closet with Zayn.I have to be really quite so daddy can't find me.Then i heard girl voices.Daddy had found me.I ran downstairs and saw 4 girls. One told me her name was Perrie. The other said her name was Eleanor but they called her El.Third girl said her name was Nicole but they called her Nikki.The last one said Jessica. She looked mean very mean! But i shouldn't judge by appearance.

Jessica picked me up I wined to get down and she put me down.Then Eleanor picked me up I giggled.She was still holding me and mommy was putting my hair in a French Braid.The girls were really funny and i loved to see a smile on my mom and dad's face. But Jessica looked angry.I just stared at into her eyes we were not going to get along well. I realized this was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~morning~ I saw i feel asleep in mommy's arms. Mommy had woke up and carried me into the living room.Mommy was making Funfetti pancakes my favorite and Nialler's too!:) I was sitting on daddy's lap playing with his curls. The girls were are putting their hands out to hold me except El she always wants to hold me.hmmmmm whats wrong with her? "hi El are you ok'" i asked. "Why do you ask I'm fine" she replied nervously."El no your not i can see it i maybe 4 but im not dumb". She laughed im fine Syd.

Lol. Louis was calling me over so i went over. He grabbed me and said "im kidnapping this 4 year old!!" everyone was laughing me too and Louis.He took me upstairs and everyone followed us.Daddy took me and said"not when im around!" I was laughing!!!"I love you daddy" i said."I love you too" he replied.I had went up to my room after that.Jess came in and said"Hey you! Stay Away from my babe Niall or  I Will kill you!!".


Sorry So Short

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