Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


4. Niall


Your best friend Niall took you to the park. ''Chocolate or Strawberry?'' he asks. ''Strawberry.'' you tell him. The ice-cream man hands you you cone. Niall pays him, and you stroll around. ''Let's sit here.'' you tell Niall. He nods and plop down on a bench. ''H-how's the ice-cream.'' he nervously asks. That's strange. He's acting really weird. ''It's good.'' you quietly tell him. ''T-that's g-good.'' He stutters. You frown, ''Niall, what's going on?'' ''N-nothing.'' he answers, looking down. ''I mean it!'' you growl. He looks up. ''It's, it's just. Uh, I don't know how to say this.'' he sighs, 'Will you be my girlfriend?'' your so shocked you almost drop your ice-cream. He notices the look in your eyes and frowns, ''I knew you wouldn't like me back.'' You smile, ''You didn't let me finish. Yes, yes I will be your girlfriend.'' He smiles and kisses your cheek. ''Thank you so much.''

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