Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


5. Louis


"Louis, I- I don't think I can do this.'' You tell your boyfriend. He's about to board his flight, to go on tour, and it's time to say goodbye. Tears are streaming down your face, as he wraps his arms around you. ''I know. I can't either.'' You feel something wet stain your shoulder. He's crying too. ''Louis, don't cry.'' you tell him. He pulls away, ''But I'm leaving the girl I love behind, for...I don't know how long.'' He stares at the floor. You lift his chin, "I have an idea.'' you tell him. He smiles, ''What?'' ''I can visit next week, and come with you.'' His face brightens, ''Really?'' you nod. ''Thank you so much!'' he says before kissing you goodbye. ''I love you (y/n)'' he says. You smile, ''I love you too. I'll see you soon.'' You wave as he walks away.

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