Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


7. Liam


''I hate you!" your 12 year old son Derek shouts at you. ''I hate you so much!" Tears well up in your eyes as he stomps away. He's mad, because you refused to let him go to a party. Why? He had homework. You drop on the couch and silently cry, as Derek's door slams shut. Just then, the front door opens. ''(y/n)! What's wrong?'' Liam asks, rushing over to you. "D-Derek hates m-me.'' you sob. He hugs you and you melt down in his arms. ''Shh, I'll talk to him.'' you watch him walk into Derek's room, and close the door behind him. You can hear muffled shouts come from inside. Then Derek screams, ''She's so mean!'' You begin sobbing uncontrollably. ''Don't ever say that!!" you hear Liam roar. He never shouts, so you were shocked. ''Now go apologize! NOW!'' The door opens , and Derek rushes to you, his arms wrap around you. ''I'm sorry mom.'' he cries onto your shoulder. You rub his back. ''It's fine, I love you.'' you say, before kissing Liam. You mouth 'thank you' and he smiles. When Derek leaves, Liam wraps his arms around you, ''I didn't want to yell, but you were so upset. I couldn't stand to see my own son hurt you like that.''

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