Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


2. Liam


Your eyes flutter open, and you feel Liam's strong arms wrapped around you. His hot breath tickling your neck. You lay curled in his arms while he sleeps. Suddenly, his arms unravel from you, and he sits up. ''Morning babe.'' he says. You giggle as he pulls you onto his lap. ''Hi Li.'' you say, after getting comfortable. ''How'd you sleep?'' he asks. ''Perfect.'' you answer. He begins playing with your hair. You smile as you feel it being braided. Then, his hands leave your hair. He wraps them around your body, pulling you back into his chest. He plants a few small kisses on your neck and collarbone, before moving to your cheek. He then kisses your ear, causing you to giggle. ''I love you (y/n)'' he whispers in your ear. ''More than anything.''

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