Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


6. Harry


Harry's head lay in your lap, his eyes closed. You run your hand through his messy hair. A low groan escapes his lips, and he clutches his stomach. ''It hurts.'' he moans, eyes still closed. ''I know.' you say soothingly. ''It'll be better soon.'' Earlier, Harry had called saying he had a horrible stomachache. You rushed over, and here you are now. He continues to clutch his stomach as you stroke his cheek. ''Shh. It's fine.'' you whisper. He opens his eyes and looks at you. ''Thank you.'' he says quietly. You smile, ''No problem.'' You then, lean in and kiss him. His body relaxes, and he lets go of his stomach. You feel him fall asleep quietly in your lap.

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