Imagine This...

This, is a collection of imagines. Instead of giving names, I'll insert (y/n) Enjoy!


1. Harry


You and your boyfriend Harry have just gotten into a heated argument, because he didn't do the one thing you asked him to while you were at work. You lay, covered up in bed, tears rolling down your cheeks. Suddenly, the weight shifts, meaning Harry has come in bed. You turn yourself around and see him completely concealed by the blanket, and only his mop of dark curls can be seen. You place a hand on his shoulder. ''Harry, I-'' you stop when he roughly pushes you away. You lay, facing the other way, silently crying. You hear the floorboards creak, signalling Harry leaving. You climb out of bed, and sneak to the living room. Harry is at the door, pulling on his coat. Before he can walk out the open door, you push it shut. Surprised, he turns. ''(y/n), what are you doing?'' he asks. You sigh, ''Why are you leaving?'' ''Because, you asked me to do one thing, and I didn't. I'm just a lazy jerk who doesn't deserve you.'' You could see a tear roll down his cheek. You wipe it off with your thumb. ''Harry. Listen to me. You are perfect. You are the only person I could ever want. Why? Because I love you.'' He stares into your eyes. ''I'm sorry I took it the wrong way. I should've done what you asked. I love you too.'' He pulls you close, and kisses you fully. Like never before. ''Promise you'll never leave?'' you say to him. He smiles, ''I promise.''

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