A Lover's Lifetime

An anthology of poems I wrote based on love for the Poetry Competition.
I haven't been on movellas for a rather long time due to a personal reason and also because I have been swamped with coursework. But I am back, and I am ready to bombard you with poems and stories like I used to do.

Please feel free to leave a comment telling what you think of these, I would appreciate any CC you have to offer!<3


3. Teenage Dream: Age 18



Lost in a daydream

I see him walking towards me,

A smile

So captivating


I am submerged

 In the depths of his eyes

Pulled into a realm of security,

Surrounded in a rapture

Of sweet perfection


A single feathery touch,

No word uttered

Nor whispered,

Drenched in words unspoken


It was love that had me question

All that I knew and what I thought

Was real


It was love that brought me to you,

But it was you who lit the shadows

On my face


You stole my breath and

Made me good and true

And wild and crazy


And I will be there for you,

Through it all 

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