A Lover's Lifetime

An anthology of poems I wrote based on love for the Poetry Competition.
I haven't been on movellas for a rather long time due to a personal reason and also because I have been swamped with coursework. But I am back, and I am ready to bombard you with poems and stories like I used to do.

Please feel free to leave a comment telling what you think of these, I would appreciate any CC you have to offer!<3


6. Perchance to Dream: Age 76



I remember

How he’d found another girl

But fate pulled us together

And stitched our lives into one


Whilst sat on the old swing set

We listen to the blissful tune of birds

And try to remember what

It was like to be free


We laugh and smile

With delicate fingers entwined,

Slowly rocking back and forth

Like so many years ago


Now Death is calling for me,

Desperate to undo the stitches

Our memories seem hazy and unreal


I surrender my soul to the Knight of the Dark

And fall to the ground in

An entanglement of limbs


Oh how life soon exiles us into darkness

And undoes the ties of marriage


How this world turns cold,

And steals a last trembling breath


Memories broken

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