Valentines Day with One Direction

This story is a short story about Valentines Day with One Direction. In this story Louis Tomlinson is my boyfriend, enjoy xx.


2. Shopping !!


He pushed me down on the bed and kissed me…I thought it was gunna happen, but no, he pulled out another box. I was excited but at the same time, just, uhhhh. He gave me the box and smiled, “Your last present is here”. I got a bit confused because this time the box was a bit bigger, he gave it to me and I opened it. It was a heart photo frame. The frame had a collaged set of pictures of us together in it. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek, I went to find a place for the frame as Louis went to get some hooks.

We hung it up above the bed and I went to order pizza. The pizza came and we sat down at the dinner table as the Phone rang. I got up and walked over to the phone and Perrie answered. “Shania omg I have something amazing to tell you”, she screamed, “what, what, what”, I replied. “Zayn just proposed to me, like 2 minutes ago”, “omg Perrie congrats babe”! We talked for a while and I told Lou about it, Perrie and I had also planned to look at dresses tomorrow. I hung up the phone and Louis and I finished dinner and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at eight and got dressed, Louis woke up after and came with me to pick up Perrie. I dropped off Lou and picked up Perrie, as the boys had a meeting at Perrie and Zayn’s house. Perrie and I had a party in the car on the way there; we sung loud and played sweet n sour haha.

I got out of the car and started day dreaming at the dresses in the windows already, Anna’s Closet was the best wedding dress place in the world, and the most expensive uhh. Anyway Perrie I eventually got in the shop and she had already had her eyes on one, it was beautiful.  It had strapless white lace top with a puffy tulle bottom, and purple ribbon around the waist. She couldn’t take her eyes off it so I insisted she tried it on. “It’s perfect”, she smiled, as tears slid down her face. “What’s wrong”, I asked, “nothing, just happy tears” she sobbed happily. I continued to look around while Perrie was over at the counter purchasing her dress. We ended up getting back in the car leaving me dress less, haha dress less. Perrie got dropped off and Louis got picked up. We went back home and had a quiet, romantic lunch, we discussed wedding venues.

Perrie called after lunch and told us where Zayn and she had decided to have their wedding, it was actual a coincidence that both of us had chosen the Plaza. Perrie and I were still deciding on dates though and she was thinking about the first of August and Louis and I were thinking about the twentieth of July. Anyway Perrie and I were planning on getting a limo into town again to browse at some flowers. Our day tomorrow was planned and mine and Lou’s night was too. We went out to rent some movies and we came back and made popcorn…ahaha you thought I meant “our night was too” in a different way hehe. Anyway back to the movies, we rented out a few romantic movies and some horror haha. We both ended up falling asleep on the sofa bed.

The next morning Louis and I sleep in and rushed to get to Bella’s Boutique on time. We got there and saw Perrie and Zayn out the front of Bella’s Boutique and all had a chat about the weddings. Soon enough we got inside and Perrie and I both new what colours of flowers we wanted. My colours scheme was classic yellow and white and Perrie’s was a vintage grey, pink and white. So I wanted yellow flowers and she wanted pink. We ended up both getting roses because that was indeed the most romantic flower there. We finished shopping and went to Barney’s take out for lunch, we had a ball and ended up going to a huge party afterwards, so we got home very late. Louis and I fell straight asleep knowing we would wake up having one another by our sides.

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