Valentines Day with One Direction

This story is a short story about Valentines Day with One Direction. In this story Louis Tomlinson is my boyfriend, enjoy xx.


1. Out for lunch

It was Thursday, the unforgettable moment of Lou’s and I Relationship, Valentine’s Day; in fact it was our 5th.

I woke up with a sudden urge to pee at about ten, so I got out of bed and went to the toilet. On my back I saw a blue tiffany box with white ribbon tied around it. I walked over to check it out when Louis woke up. He asked me what I was doing; I just made up some lie so he didn’t get suspicious. Anyway we both got dressed ready for our quadruple date with the boys…and Niall.

We arrived at Mexhen Corner Café; I greeted everyone as we all went in at sat at the first class area. Lou and I ordered our food. We went back to the table and I gave him my Valentines present, “Here you are Louis, it’s your present” I said. I handed it to him and kissed him, “You’ll have to wait just a bit longer for yours” he replied. I giggled and watched him oped the box; it was a Rolex golden watch. He loved, you could tell by the look on his face.

We all gave presents and giggled and smiled when our food came. Mine was incredible I actually enjoyed it, so did the others especially Niall. We were about to leave when Louis announced to all the first class people, “I have an important thing to say, well do, before we leave, I know it’s none of your concern but this is a special moment for me that I’d like to share”.

Louis bent down on one knee as I stood before him “Shania, will you marry me”. I started to cry as the girls did too, I nodded my head and replied with a yes, “Yes, yes I will marry you”. Everyone cheered and clapped as Lou put the ring on my finger; it was beautiful, a gold ring with diamonds inside. Me and Louis hugged and kissed in delight. We walked out as everyone clapped, Louis picked me up and carried me to the Limo.

Perrie and Zane got dropped off first; we waved bye to them as Louis gave me a kiss. Next stop was Niall’s house, we all screamed out bye to him from the far corner of his street as we continued to drive up to our house. Louis and I jumped out and walked up the house as the boys and girls waved to us. Lou carried me up to bed and whispered in my ear “Now for your last present”!


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