Cafe Girl



2. Chapter 2

I got changed into my favorite casual clothes - jumper, jeans and fluffy boots (winter only) and then my phone rang.

"Hi. Me and Mom are outside your house. Ready?" asked Tammy.

"Yep!" I replied, grabbing my bag and quickly shoving in my phone and purse.  "Going mom!" I shouted and mom said bye.

I walked out my red front door and down the drive to be met by a shining red Porsche and I got in the back seat. Although the Swanson' aren't exactly the posh-tots, they have little luxuries because of something to do with Tammy's nan.

"How come you've got the Porsche, Tara?" I asked Tammy's mom as we drove off.

"Oh, Simon has gone to a meeting with his boss and he didn't want to look too flashy so he borrowed my mondeo" she replied. I just sat back in the comfy leather seat and thought about what I might possibly buy. First I thought about going casual and choosing a batwinged top with floral prints and some black skinny jeans but then I thought that Jake and his family are posh-tots and that everyone might be dressed to impress so I thought about wearing a dress instead. I'm not a girly-girl so it wouldn't be all frills and curls. So I thought about a strapless, turquoise, knee-length dress with some turquoise Converse look-a-likes, black accessories and crimp my hair in parts. It would look brill! Oh, by the way, I'm not being big-headed but considering I'm a dunce in class, it is really hard to pick good things about myself. My fashion sense is about the only thing I am proud of.

"I'm thinking about getting this dress that is strapless, knee-length and really puffy at the bottom with a bow belt across and I've seen these heels in River Island and they are just to die for! What are thinking of getting?" Tammy thinks I'm a mega tomboy just because I like blue and would rather wear jeans than a dress.

"Not sure, might buy a turquoise dress but I haven't seen anything so I'm not sure yet!" I said, trying to sound convincing because if she found out I wanted to wear Converse instead of heels she would go ballistic.

As we arrived, Tammy dragged me into River Island and she choose a couple of dresses and she went to try them on. She looked stunning in all of them and then she asked me which one.

"I like the black dress, personally" I said, even though I couldn't care less. And even though it was £40 (I mean £40 as if its nothing!) it was the cheapest out of the lot.

"Ok, that was my favorite too. Good to know I look nice in it. Now, lets go and choose some shoes and accessories!" she squealed and then grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the accessory shelf.

After Tammy had bought her outfit, black bandeau drape dress, black metal detail sandals, gold tone torque necklace and a black fold over clutch, we left the store I hate with a passion. One because of the ridiculous prices and two because none of it fits me. Tammy has got this perfect size six figure and can fit into anything! But I am more podgy and dresses can look very stupid on me if it doesn't fit right.

So we went into H&M, the only shop I can go in which isn't too tacky and is cheap enough for me, and I see the perfect dress as soon as I walk in. It is a short, gently flared white dress and it was sort of lacy and it fitted perfectly!

"Accessory time! Trust me, if I can't find the perfect accessories to match this dress, nobody can!" laughed Tam and we went on the immensely difficult task of finding the shoes and the jewelry to match the mega-dress. If I wasn't best friends with Tam, I probably would hate her. She can be quite demanding sometimes but if she wasn't I guess she wouldn't be herself.

We founnd the perfect, yet crazy, accessories for the dress. It was some geek glasses, not real glasses and all the rage now, a white, lacy scarf and some silver hoop earrings. And I got my own way and found some white look-a-like Converse trainers and it all came to £30, cheaper than Tammy's dress alone.

"Gosh, this has been, like, the most successful shopping day ever! First shop we go in we both find the perfect outfit. I do wish we could have shopped around a bit more first though. It would have been fun. Anyways, do you wanna go grab a Maccy D's?" beamed Tammy, looking at her River Island bags she had in her hand.

"Sure! I've still got about a tenner left anyway but I obviously won't spend all that on food!" I laughdd. Then we practically skipped over to the other side of Eastwood Mall to the McDonald's where most of the Year 11's work to get some of their weekly needs. In other words, games such as COD and Black Ops for the boys and at least two new outfits for the girls.

Tammy ordered first and she had a Big Mac, large fries, large drink and 6 chicken nuggets. How on Earth she keeps her perfect figure, I don't know how! The only solution I have is that when Tam was born, God put this extra bit in her stomach where she can eat all the fatty foods she wants and it goes into that extra bit and just dissolves.

"You gunna order or what?!" snapped Sarah Morris, Blake's big sister. Obviously something has happened in the Morris family that has wound her up because she is never normally this moody.

"I'll just have 4 nuggets, small fries and a small coke please." Even though I haven't had half as much as Tammy, I still feel greedy.

After our McDonalds, we called Tara to come and pick us up. As we were in the car, Tammy said,

"I can't wait for Saturday! Who'd have known the party would come so quickly!" I rolled my eyes because I couldn't feel less excited even if a chimpanzee walked into my room, ate all my Rihanna posters then peed on my pillow. But I do like shopping.

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