Cafe Girl



1. Chapter 1

A small, brown-bricked modern cottage lies in the middle of Liverpool and sticks out  like  a  sore thumb. Ivy covers most of the house, there is a tiny stained-glass window at the front, has a red front door and is unlucky number 13.

            "Cerys, sweetheart, could you tidy up the house while I go food shopping? Thanks, love," my mom asked me as she walked out the front door,her eco-friendly shopping bags at hand.  So I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the Cif and went up to my bathroom.

As I was scrubbing, my mobile started singing 'Banana Boat', from my all-time favorite movie, Beetlejuice, and I ran into my room to answer it. As I picked up my phone, I read the name 'Tammy' and then clicked the green answer button.

            "Hi Cerys! Just ringing to ask if you were free the 27th of February. I know that it's, like, a month away but I thought I might ask you now so you could keep your diary open" my best friend literally screams into my phone.

            "I think I'm free. What is it anyway?" I asked.

            "Well, it's Jake's mom's 30th birthday and she is, like, having a barbecue. I heard that they might even be getting Olly Murs!" she almost screams. I just rolled my eyes because she always over exaggerates. Like the once, she said she got these amazing designer heels for her birthday but I saw the same pair in Tesco but I never said anything.

            "I suppose I could go," I said, hesitating. Jake Stevens is Tammy's boyfriend who is 2 years older and doesn't even go to our school. He goes to St James school for the posh-tots of Eastwood. Jake was a friend of Tammy's brother, Josh and apparently it was love at first sight! You are either a posh-tot who go to St James and their family could buy a family like mine with their pocket-money and then go and buy a new laptop as well. So in other words, the Stevens family. And then there is the Eastwood basics, who all go to Eastwood High, their parents tend to have money problems and the only way they get pocket-money is by getting a part-time job like paper rounds or something. They can also be known as my family and Tammy's.

            "Sorry Cerys, got to go. Got another call coming through and I think it might be Jake. Bye!" I threw my phone onto my bed and started deciding whether the clothes on my floor are clean or dirty.

I finished tidying the house, so I grabbed my purse and  looked to see how much I had got. I had two £5 notes, a few pound coins and about 30 two pence coins. So I pocketed the pound coins and found my keys. I walked out the door and headed straight to the McDonalds down the road.

            "Hi Mom, just popping to McDonalds. I'll order now and take it out so I can eat at home. Won't be long. About 10 minutes max. Love you!" I said to my mom's answer machine and then I got called to go next. It was Josh, Tammy's brother serving me and he didn't look happy.

            "Hi Cerys, what you want then, the usual?" By saying the usual, Josh meant a Big Mac and a strawberry milkshake.

            "Yeah, and you OK Josh? You seem a bit down," I said, in a hopefully caring tone.

            "I 'spose," then he shouted my order to whoever is getting my food, "considering the fact that I am in mega massive trouble with my parents"

            "Why, what have you done this time?" Considering the fact that his parents aren't a load of posh-tots, they are certainly strict! He has got into trouble for being late in by 10 minutes, accidental knocking his food on the floor and every time he gets a detention for forgetting homework, he gets grounded for 2 weeks.

            "I got a C in my maths GCSE when I was supposed to get at least a B! I will never hear the end of it. But I just think maths isn't that important considering the fact that I want to be an artist. But I still think you should be bothered about maths because I don't want to be the one responsible if you get fail because I said it wasn't important. Anyway, here's your order. See you!" I took the brown bag from Josh's warm hands and for about a nanosecond feel sorry for him. The only thing I here about Josh is from Tammy and you don't tend to talk about how amazing your siblings are, you mostly just say how annoying or stupid they can be.

As I walked in I saw shopping bags and I knew that mom is back. Just then I heared mom go "Cya" and I wondered who she is talking to.

            "Who was that mom?" I asked her, as she hardly uses her phone because she is all about saving the planet.

            "Oh, it was just Nana Madeline saying that X Factor is starting tonight, that's all" she replied. But it all seemed too weird. First, she used electricals for no particular reason like a birthday and then she is saying that Nana Madeline, the stuck-up posh-tot who lives next-door to Jake, was ringing mom to tell her about X Factor! I tried to ignore it and carry on with what I was doing.

"Cerys, have you got any homework? Because if you have you better get it done if you want to go out anywhere this week. Just get it out the way, yeah?" So I trudged upstairs before I got the third degree from mom and she said if I got any more detentions then last term she will stop my pocket money and I'll be grounded for a month and at the end of the year there are always some great parties that only loser don't go to as the parties are the talk of the school!

"Cerys, we have got to go to Eastwood Mall to get a new outfit for Jake's mom's barbecue! I sooo can't wear anything in my wardrobe because first of all its a party, not just going to the cinema. Two, Jake is going to be there and three OLLY MURS is going to be there!" and then my best friend screamed like he was standing next to her.

"Ok, but we best go in unless you want another lecture about how being late will effect our grades and that if we were late for our jobs we would be fired if we are constantly late! Mr Scott can be so annoying, especially on a Monday morning!" I moaned as we climbed up four flights of stairs to get to our form room.

As I walked in, I saw Jessica Philipps, the class dork, and Blake Morris, the class hottie. Even though Blake has a girlfriend, half the class fancies him but he only has eyes for his girl, Lily Young. I never liked Blake, not because he is self-absorbed but because I've hardly ever spoke to him probably never will! As me and Tam can saw there is hardly anyone in the class, we snuck off back downstairs and went into the toilets so she could show me pictures of possible outfits for the party.

I looked at the crazy outfits on the tiny screen and thought that my best friend was either trying to make a statement or just plain crazy! It was a plain black, shapeless dress cover in bright yellow bows! Well, thinking about it I remember the once she said she was going to where this terrible yellow and green stripy woolen dress which looked like it was knitted by a blind granny but she managed to make even that work so I suppose it can't get much worse than that dress. But I was wrong. The next dress I looked at looks like a disaster in silk but I didn't want to say anything. It was pink which ended at the knees but had massive puffy sleeves like two giant pink cotton wool balls.

"So, what do you think?" asked Tammy, with a hopeful smile.

"Ummm" was all I could say. Then she bursted out laughing until she turned bright red.

"Of course I'm not going to where that tat. I was only joking and it was worth it as your face looked a right picture!" and we went back to class, giggling and pushing each other on the way.

As we walked in, Mr Scott gave us a look so cold it could freeze a desert and then some. I looked at the wall clock and realized that we we're in the toilets a bit too long as we were 10 minutes late to registration.

"Hello, young ladies. I thought I saw you this morning and when I called your names I supposed you had came in, realized you have double Science and then legged it home again. So, where have you been?" At that point, me and Tammy both flushed bright red. We weren't exactly going to say we were in the toilet for 10 minutes because people would think things and laugh.

"Well, we saw a stray kitten on the street and we just had to pick it up and take it to the RSPCA!" sayed Tammy and then the class burst out laughing. "I don't know what your laughing at because it is all completely and utterly true" she said innocently, and then added an over-exaggerated wink to the class. So Sir just huffed and sent us to our seats.

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