A hellish life

This is just an idea i had and i really wanted to hear what you had to say about it.
I might write it if there is any interest in the concept, and please if you have any good ideas do tell!


1. The idea

So i was thinking of making a story about a girl who has died prematurely and at a wrong time (according to hell or whatever, i'm still figuring that part out.), and so she is offered the job of like a sort of bounty hunter for hell (I know it's been done before just stay with me) along with a group (don't know how big).

As this bounty hunter she has some special abilities (need to find out the details there too) so that she can apprehend the convicts that escape form hell (hell is more like a prison than anything else).


Now this is pretty much what i've got so far and i would love some input.

Sould it start with her dying, or should that have happened a long time ago so she's really old now? Is it a person or a thing that changes her life. If a person then a boy or a girl, love interest, friend or foe? How old is she (no older than 24 and no younger than 16)


So if you guys (whoever reads this) could come up with some suggestions that would be great, thanks!

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