My Prince

Ok, so basically this is my version of the book To Marry a Prince. I don't know if anyone's read it but here it is! I hope you like my front cover, I spent ages creating it!

Isabella Waterson. An ordinary woman, but then she meets the heir to the throne: Prince Richard. Her whole life is thrown into turmoil as she accepts life as a new princess. A royal wedding soon becomes headline news, and then of course, there's going to be a royal baby. Will Bella ever find peace?

(Told from after the baby's birth as a sort of flashback.)


2. 2

“Urgh.” I sigh, pushing open the smart brown front door and collapsing into the nearest armchair, dropping my many shopping bags. Almost as soon as I’d got my feet comfortable, my best friend and flat mate, Charlotte Holdrege, bursts into the lounge and dives into one of my many paper bags.

“Lottie, can you get me a cup of tea?” I ask my red headed friend who was contrasting two long sleeved tops.

“No.” She says amiably, pulling out a lacy blue cocktail dress and gasping at it.

“What?” I query tiredly, curious as to her reaction.

“This would look great on you at my boss’s party we’re going to tonight.” She exclaims, fishing around for shoes and earrings to accompany the dress.

“Wait a minute. Since when did I agree to go to this party?” I ask, my face in an expression of disbelief.

“Please, I need you to come. I’ve got to make a good first impression with my boss.” Lottie begs me, wringing her hands in front of me. I sigh; she won’t stop begging until I agree to go.

“Fine, but first you have to make me a cup of tea.” I say, putting on a fake stern face.

“Thank you! I love you, Bella!” Lottie squeals, throwing her arms around me before running into the kitchen and flicking the kettle on.




I stand in front of the mirror, fiddling with the back of one of the chandelier earrings Lottie had issued me with.

“Bella, look what I found!” Lottie grins, holding up a shoebox. I walk over, finally finished with my earring and peer into the open box.

“Gold T-Bars?” I ask, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Trust me, they’ll look great.” Lottie reassures me, handing them over to me, before leaving the room to get changed into her silk blouse and black skirt.

I look at my reflection, and gather my blonde hair up in separate waves, creating a large bun at the nape of my neck. Satisfied, I bundle my phone, keys, money, pen, mirror, lippy and string into my new glitzy clutch and walk out into the sitting room, ready to go.


Lottie comes out of her room carrying her own bag, and I get up and join her as we walk towards the front door.

“Thanks for coming.” Lottie says, smiling at me.

“No worries. What are friends for?” I reply, shrugging my shoulders and returning the smile.

“It’s just, there’s going to be somebody royal there, and we all want to be the ones to get a deal with them. So, I’m bringing you as a ‘past client’.” Lottie looks at me a little guiltily.

“Ok, so what have I got to do? Say you’ve turned my life around and helped me get back on track?” I joke, not being serious until Lottie nods her head at me.

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