My Prince

Ok, so basically this is my version of the book To Marry a Prince. I don't know if anyone's read it but here it is! I hope you like my front cover, I spent ages creating it!

Isabella Waterson. An ordinary woman, but then she meets the heir to the throne: Prince Richard. Her whole life is thrown into turmoil as she accepts life as a new princess. A royal wedding soon becomes headline news, and then of course, there's going to be a royal baby. Will Bella ever find peace?

(Told from after the baby's birth as a sort of flashback.)


1. 1

I clasped my baby close to my chest, my hand on the back of her head. The cameras flashed around me and Richard but I hardly noticed them now. I looked behind me, my feathered shoulder length blonde hair flying out quickly in a wide arc, Richard was walking diagonally behind me and he gave me a reassuring smile. My head turned back forward and I focused on ignoring the reporters questions without seeming too rude.

Members of the public held signs up with messages scrawled onto them in permanent markers and called my name, over and over. I walked over to the metal barriers that were holding the public back from the road, my nude peep toe Jimmy Choo wedges scuffing along the road.

"Hello." I smile at the crowds in front of me. Normally I would shake their hands, but today my hands were full with my little baby.

"So where are you from today?" I ask the nearest person. They squealed with delight and held out a bouquet of flowers. I smiled and motioned for a security guy to take them for me.

"We're from Glasgow." She says, her Scottish accent thick. "You have a beautiful baby, miss." She adds on the end.

"Thank you." I agree, nodding. Richard comes up behind me, putting a big warm hand on my shoulder and kissing my cheek.

"It's time to go now Bella." he says gently, smiling at the Scottish woman.

"Oh my! It's Prince Richard!" She exclaims, fanning herself. "Can I have a picture? Please?" She asks, holding up a silver camera. I look at Richard and he nods in approval. We smile until the flash goes off and then Richard leads me to the black limo waiting for us.

"Prince Richard! Prince Richard!" A reporter asks, running over on her luminous pink high heels, her leopard print suit flapping in the wind. I continue sliding into  the car, just catching the question she asks him.

"So, Prince Richard, is your and Princess Bella's baby a little Princess or Prince?" I can almost see her pink lips pulled into a fake smile.

"She's a little princess. Literally." Richard jokes, and the reporter cackles unattractively. Richard slides in next to me. As he closes the door the sound of screaming quietens to a small buzz . He lets out a chuckle, obviously still laughing at the humorous reporter.

"You know," I start  "maybe we should name her." My mouth plays into a smile as Richard's face turns into a ridiculous face.

"Yeah, I guess we should." He says, and then he yawns. The baby's kept him awake for the past few nights, he doesn't want me being tired when we have a busy schedule full of engagements. I rub his cheek softly with my free hand, my baby now sitting on my lap with a protective arm around her. Richard puts his own hand around mine and brings it slowly to his lips, kissing my knuckles softly. We share a smile.

"I wish you didn't have to be here." He says, holding my hand tightly.

"You know I wouldn't change it for the world." I remind him, squeezing his hand back. We smile again and fall silent. His apology made me think about how I actually got to where I am. To being a princess and marrying my prince.

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