what can honestly happen when you're on vacation with your friends and you're in the SAME hotel room as Justin Bieber and One Direction?


1. Today's The Day


‘TODAY’S THE DAY! ‘I said to my best friend Ellie. we both started jumping around my now so messy room. ‘YES…. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS …TIME TO PARTAYYY….’ Ellie shouted.
‘…..ANDDD BULLSHITTTT…’ I said whilst laughing.

I’m so excited to go to America. It’s going to be the first time I actually go there without my family. It’s going to be amazing; I know it is because well we’ve planned what we are going to do. We all like to party and get drunk and well, just have fun. It’s going to be a trip to never forget, I seriously can’t wait!

‘Jade…’ Ellie said in a serious tone of voice. I stopped packing and turned around and looked at her facial expression and my soon turned into a confused look.
‘Yes…’ I said in a slow tone. She looked all teary as if she was about to cry. I knew instantly what it was about. Well you see, Ellie broke up with her boyfriend Jake last week, well because he cheated on her with our so called ‘friend’ Laura.

It’s funny though because Laura was meant to come with us on this vacation but she isn’t anymore because, well she doesn’t want to show her pity face to us since we found out about her sleeping with Jake.

‘It’s alright Ellie, just forget him, he is a dickhead and well Laura’s just a two faced coward, she’s got what’s coming for her.’ I said in a soft voice. Ellie smiled at me and I instantly smiled back and gave her a teddy bear hug. I love Ellie, I really do. She’s the person I trust with most of my stuff, I tell her everything. Like literally, When I’m talking to her on the phone when she isn’t with me and I’m currently in the toilet…well I’d tell her, like seriously.

‘JADE ARE YOU READY?!’  My mum shouted up the stairs. Well as you can guess, I still live with my mum, well there’s nothing wrong with that because I’m ONLY 17.
I looked straight at Ellie and she gave me a thumb up, I smiled at her and shouted ‘YES MUM, WE’RE COMING NOW’. I quickly zipped my Louis Vuitton suitcase and put my iPhone in my pocket.

We both rushed downstairs and got into my mums car. We were planning on meeting other girls from our school there. It’s going to be something to remember! Oh and did I mention…

Justin Bieber and One Direction are staying in the same hotel as us; at the same time…well…this is going to be interesting ;)

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