In The 7th Heaven. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Sue is just an ordinary 14 years old girl.. She thinks.. Till a curly haired boy appears in her life and changes it.. Completely. The story is also containing friendly, passionful and sorrowful scenes. (First movella, hope you'll like it)


6. Who's Under My Window?

Sue's POV.

It was a warm evening. Parents weren't at home I think they were on an event from work. I like being home alone and that was usual, my mum and dad were very busy because of their work.

Harry was following me since two weeks.. I wasn't on Twitter, but I was also still excited about my new follower. After a quick shower I put on my red geeky kitty pjs. I sat down on my bed and I was reading an awesome Harry Styles fanfic when suddenly I heard a familiar voice singing under my window. The voice was singing "Save You Tonight" by One Direction. It was quite strange, it sounded like Harry Styles's voice but it was impossible, Harry Styles would never sing to me under my window.

When I looked out on the garden I didn't see anything, but the singing voice didn't stop. I thought it was a joke.

"Okay, I don't know who you are but it isn't the best joke, please stop.." I yelled.

I heard the doorbell.. I ran downstairs and opened the door. There was a guy with dark clothes and sunglasses.

"Should I come in?" He smiled on me. I knew that smile... Then I looked on his curly hair and I knew exactly who was he.

"How... Why... Did you..." I said. My heart was beating really loud.

"I really wanted to meet you so I did everything to find out where do you live.." Wow.. he really wanted to see me? I was dying by happiness.

"Come in. ;)" I smiled on him and he smiled back.

We were talking about us and Harry told me how it was on the concert and I told him my story. It was such a nice feeling. He was a really kind person. Then we ate some cookies I found in the kitchen and we drank some tea. It was a brilliant night. When we stopped to look at each other we just realized that it's 1.00 a.m.

"Well it was really awesome to meet you but I think it's too late.." I said but I wanted him to stay with me but I was afraid to ask him..

"Oh.." He was thinking about the same.. "I just wanted to ask you... that... you know... if I should.." He gave an adorable puppy face.

"Sure.." I answered him. I knew exactly what did he want to ask..

"Oh thankyou" I saw a huge smile on his face.
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