In The 7th Heaven. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Sue is just an ordinary 14 years old girl.. She thinks.. Till a curly haired boy appears in her life and changes it.. Completely. The story is also containing friendly, passionful and sorrowful scenes. (First movella, hope you'll like it)


21. Take Over Control.

Harry's POV.

I was excited to meet the girls. They didn't know who I am but they will find out soon.. - I thought.

I heard the doorbell. I ran to the place but Sue was the first, she opened the door.

"Hiya guys!" It was Morgan.. I knew it, I heard her cute australian accent. The others entered, too.

"Sue?.. Why are we in the house of One Direction and why is Harry Styles smiling on us..!?" Lauren.. yes, Lauren was the girl who said that. I knew her from Sue's photos hanging on her wall.

"Amy, Lauren, Morgan.. I would like to introduce my boyfriend.. This is Harry." Sue said.

"Mwahhah.. this.. is a joke.. Tell me, where is the hidden camera?" Amy said.

"Nope, it isn't a prank.. We are in a relationship." And I kissed Sue.

"Woo.. You're so serious.." Amy said..

"Oh my godd?!" Lauren was loosing jer selfcontrol. She was yelling..

"I was imagining so many ways to meet you.. but this wasn't on my list." Amy said.

"Uhm.. It's nice to meet you all.." I said awkwardly.

"So girls.. fangirling is over, would you like to have some tea or cookies?" Sue said.

"Oh, we're really sorry for that.. We just can't really take over control." Morgan excused.


We sat down in the dining room and we spoke a lot.. We had a good time.
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