In The 7th Heaven. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Sue is just an ordinary 14 years old girl.. She thinks.. Till a curly haired boy appears in her life and changes it.. Completely. The story is also containing friendly, passionful and sorrowful scenes. (First movella, hope you'll like it)


19. Heaven Can Wait

Sue's POV.

Did I have another illusion or am I entering the heaven or what? It was a quite strange feeling. It was like pulled by someone I can't see. But it was great, I was finally pulled away from the darkest fields of boredom. Am I awake or somewhere inbetween?

Harry's POV.

My phone rang and I went out of the room to the corridor to speak. It was actually mum..

"Hey mum.."

"Hello, Harry. I'm worried about you.. Where are you?" She said. Yes, she was really worried, I could hear it in her voice.

"Mum.. I'm okay, I have a problem, but there's nothing wrong with me.." I lied. I didn't want to make my mum sad..

"Okay.. But please come home soon."

"Sure, I promise!"

"Bye, my little treasure!"

"Love you.."

When I entered the room again I heard a cute giggle..

"You're so adorable when you're talking with your mum.."

"Oh.. How.. Why.. Oh My Gosh, you're awake!" I yelled.

I hugged her and I started to cry. It was a wonderful moment..!

"I love you. I missed you soo much. I can't explain my feelings, I'm more than in love.. I will never cheat you! I will never loose you.. You're my golden treasure!" I kissed her..

"If you will never cheat me than who was that slut?" She asked..

"That's Niall's girlfriend. Nobody knows about them except us.. Andy.. is her name and she just drove me home, anything else. I swear!"

"Ohh damn, I missed you!"

We were kissing so long. I held her hand stronger and stronger.. I missed her so much, I can't explain how happy I was!
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