In The 7th Heaven. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Sue is just an ordinary 14 years old girl.. She thinks.. Till a curly haired boy appears in her life and changes it.. Completely. The story is also containing friendly, passionful and sorrowful scenes. (First movella, hope you'll like it)


3. Awkward Meeting

Sue's POV.

I was going out of the restroom.. I looked into the mirror and I was leaving the place when a cold hand pulled me away. I was so scared that I couldn't scream. I was dying. The person was pulling me into a dark room. Maybe it was a dresser which wasn't in use tonight. The mysterious someone turned on the lights and I saw a man with curly hair and he smiled really cute. He had adorable green eyes.. He was... Harry Styles.. Wow.. I couldn't believe.. I started screaming but he shut my mouth so I couldn't talk...

"Please don't be upset... I'm sorry I didn't know what to do.." He was shy..

I still couldn't believe.. I was shocked.. I didn't understand why does Harry Styles the most famous person from the popular boyband, One Direction need me for something...

"Why... I mean how... umm.." I was nervy - I couldn't talk...

"You know.. I was on the stage and when I saw you I couldn't concentrate... I.. can't explain this...." He was supernervous too.. "I've never been so short-spoken with a girl.. You're special.."

Okay, I my face was red like a crab. It was like in a dream!!

"Aw, thankyou.." I said with a really low voice..

"You're cute." He said..

Beep-beep... I heard a noise from Harry's pocket..

"Aw sucks.. Gotta go..." I saw a sad grin on his face...

"Umm.. it.. was.. nice to meet you.." I answered....

Harry's POV.

Oh sucks! I was next to her.. But my phone messed up our situation.. Liam called me... It was my only chance to meet her and there will be no more.. The break was over and we continued the concert.. I just watched her all the time but she didn't look at me.. she was really shy after that.. and my terrible headache came back..
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